Hello you, and welcome to my GoingSolo challenge, In Another Life!

I’m Sarina, aka MischiefTheKitten, and I hope that you’ll enjoy your time on this blog. If you do, I’d be grateful for any feedback as I love hearing from you (comments can be anonymous if you prefer), and if you don’t enjoy your time here, well, that’s fine, don’t feel forced to stay 🙂

I really appreciate your feedback, so please leave either a comment here, or on twitter. I doubt I’ll create it’s own forum page for this as there’s already the collective forum page for all GoingSolo’s, so why not have a peek in there? 🙂

For easy access to all other chapters take a look at the table of contents page listing everything in order. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see, let me know 🙂

On this welcome page, you’ll find the most recent downloads, poll announcements, news, the latest chapter, and so on, so keep an eye on it for easy access to everything else on this blog  🙂

Our current heir is Sophia Seaworth/ Gen 3:


The most recent chapter is 3.13


11-21-15_12-46-01 PM

The most recent upload is the (finally) joined household of Morrigan and Milan 🙂

To access them or any other uploads from my online gallery search for my username, MischiefTheKitty

Other reads

Whispers In The Wind


Everyone loves a good rainbowcy, right? I don’t know whether you’ll think mine any good or not, but as far as rainbowcies go, it’s definitely one of them 😉 So why not give it a try? It’s currently on its seventh generation, lead by Autumn Rain aka Pizza Viking.

Take me there!


The Seven Fates of Night


Or maybe you’d prefer something a little more mature? Something with actual cussing, murder, rape, nudity and all that stuff? Well, why not try my more mature ‘legacy’ which isn’t a proper legacy? (oO) All generations are pretty short with lots of stuff happening, so if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands it might just be the right one for you ^^

Do go on!

My TS3 Going Solo


This is my second Going Solo Challenge, and so far there has been no mature content, although this might change with the next generation. Everything should be safe for everyone’s eyes so far but I will keep you informed if that changes.

Right now this is at the end of the founding generation, and the handsome chap you can see in the picture, Joel, is about to take over.

Tell me more!



05/10/’14: There’s some new outtakes and bloopers! 🙂 (odd to think it’s been a month since the last ones)

05/09/’14: I’ve updated the Outtakes page with the first blooper images 😀

02/09/’14: The prologue is out now!!

12/08/’14: Yay, the welcome page exists!! And other pages exist now, too! 😛 Over the next few weeks until theSims4 is out I will make a bunch of other changes to this, too. Mostly more and improved pages and possibly overall a different layout and different colours. I’m also tempted to do a founder vote, so keep your eyes out 🙂


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