12-31-14_2-22 PM

My first day at work wasn’t far away now and I wanted to make sure that I was as prepared as I could be. I still took an early morning swim every day and felt that I was physically ready to start my career, but I knew that I could be better at improvising when talking to people. It was easy to meet and get to know guys at the local bar, sure, but answering questions in an interview – questions I hadn’t expected – weren’t going to be quite so easy. I had to be prepared for just about anything, so I spent some time in front of my mirror, practising my replies to random questions that popped into my head. I figured the faster I could answer, the better, though I doubted that this was the best way to do it. For now, it had to do.

12-31-14_2-27 PM

With only a few days left to go before my first day at work I decided to spent some time at the gym. My treadmill at home was great, but it couldn’t hurt to check out what other equipment I was missing out on. That, and some of the guys working out there were bound to be in pretty good shape! Who knew how much time I’d have to enjoy the scenery once I was working? Better do it now than regret it later!

12-31-14_2-27 PM-2

The gym was packed when I got there. There were only a few pieces of work-out equipment which weren’t being used, but I didn’t want to pay for a membership which would have given me priority so I thought that maybe, my treadmill and pool were enough. I’d get a good workout every day at work anyway, so it wasn’t like I desperately needed it.

As it turned out, I had been right. There were a lot of well build guys around, and some girls who made me reconsider my decision to play the male field only for a while. What better time to experiment than now, right?

Not wanting to seem too much like a predator on the hunt, I slowly looked around, making my way over to one fit guy while looking like I was lost. Or so I hoped.

12-31-14_2-29 PM

“Erm, excuse me?” This always worked in the movies, right?


“I just moved here and have never been to a gym before-” Shush you, I wasn’t really lying, now, was I? “I was wondering if you could help me out?” He turned around and smiled at me.

“I can try! What do you wanna know?”

“Well… I’d really like to use the gym more but it seems so busy…”

“Ah, well, you did come here at a busy time! If you come here early in the morning or around 2pm everyone will be at work. A lot of people drop in after work or during their lunch breaks, so it’s busiest during those times.” I nodded, actually finding this useful. I had never really thought about it before, but maybe if I came here early one morning? I wouldn’t start work until 1pm, so there’d be time…


12-31-14_2-29 PM-2

“Thanks, that’s great!” I said, hoping he’d say something back. Anything.

“My name’s Todd, by the way. I could show you around town some time if you like?” Hoping I didn’t seem too eager, I nodded.

“That’d be great, thanks, Todd. I’m Lilliana.” Truth was, as much as I wanted to have some more fun before I fell into my new routine, I did want someone to talk to other than Mum and Milan, too. A friend or two would be nice, but I wasn’t sure if they’d be as keen on being woohoo buddies as I was. Maybe they’d even be offended? Hell, for all I knew Todd was married, maybe even had children! As much as I wanted to have fun I didn’t want to break up any marriages because of it!

“I’d be happy to take you sightseeing, too, if you like? I’m Madalyn” the woman on the treadmill next to Todd said. She sounded nice, and she was pretty. All these workouts had done amazing things for her boobs! Maybe-

I nearly forgot to reply. “Thank you, I’d appreciate it.” We swapped numbers, and I went home for now. I had met two new people now, and I wanted to get to know them first before adding any more numbers to my list. I’d probably be too busy soon to even call Todd and Madalyn, so there was no point for now.

12-31-14_2-34 PM

I did leave it until the next day before calling Todd. Again, I didn’t want to seem too desperate but thought that a day later was good enough. Sadly I couldn’t find Madalyn’s number anywhere. I was sure that I had saved it into my phone but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my contact list. Todd’s number, though, was exactly where I had left it, and he was only too happy to come over.

12-31-14_2-36 PM

“This is a nice place you’ve got! Didn’t you say you just moved here?” Todd asked after I had given him the tour of the house.

“Yeah, I did. My Mum is a well known author, she’s chipped in quite a bit.”

He gave a whistle as he took in the living room. “Lucky! I moved out of my first home a few years ago, that was a shack! Especially compared to this.” I hadn’t thought that my house was that big. Sure, it was bigger than a lot of other houses around, but compared to the mansions and villas in the nicer part of town mine wasn’t more than a shack, either. I knew I had been lucky, but I had still thought that my house was relatively small.

12-31-14_2-39 PM

“You’re welcome to stay over any time you like.” I hadn’t even meant for it to sound flirty, but I guess I couldn’t help myself.

“Thank you, but I think I’ll be all right with- Oh. Oh! You meant it like…?” He didn’t sound offended, which I took as a good start. “Look, you’re very pretty, and I’m sure you have loads of men asking for your attention, but I don’t think that I’m the best fit for you. Not right now, at least.”

I did feel a little disappointed. Todd did have a good body, and we had gotten along pretty well so far. “Oh? Why’s that?”

“I just got out of a tough relationship. We weren’t married or anything but I had thought that she was the one and- Well, you can figure the rest. I really don’t want to bore you with my past relationships, but the point is I’m not ready to be in another relationship again so soon.” Ka-ching!

“Who said anything about a relationship? It sounds like you need some fun without any strings attached.”

12-31-14_2-40 PM

“Are you suggesting-” I got up and pulled him up with me, cupping his face in my hand .

“Hmh.” I knew he was looking me over very carefully as he considered my offer. I also noticed his eyes stopping on my chest.

“I don’t usually do this…”

“There’s a first time for everything.” Slowly, he kissed me.

12-31-14_2-42 PM

He didn’t need much convincing after that.

12-31-14_2-48 PM-2

On my first working day I no longer felt prepared. Yes, I had passed the interview bit, but had everything I had put myself through really been enough? The morning before I had to go in for the first time I worked out on my treadmill. I knew it wouldn’t make much of a difference now but I felt better doing something instead of just sitting there, waiting for 12.30 to arrive. Luckily everything was fairly close together in our little town so it wouldn’t take me long by car to get to the gym, but I didn’t want to risk being late on my first day.

12-31-14_7-33 PM

They hadn’t told me what to wear, so I packed my gym clothes and right on at 12.30 I was on my way. It was a good thing that I had brought my gym clothes, too, because that’s exactly what they wanted me to wear. I quickly got changed, although as it turned out when you started as low down the ladder as I did, you didn’t do much besides run a few laps and admire the team. They wanted us to learn through observation, figure out their strategy and learn their every move, so that one day – if we were lucky enough to be granted the opportunity – we’d be able to use the same tactics ourselves.

12-31-14_7-39 PM

As I had expected I didn’t have much time for anything else after that. I was never too exhausted from my days at the stadium since I had put myself through a more rigorous workout before, but my hours still meant that I didn’t have as much free time as I was used to having. I often spend the mornings watching TV while talking to Todd or Devante, hoping that we’d be able to be friends. Who happened to have woohoo from time to time.

Just talking to those two wasn’t enough for long, though. I wanted to meet new people, but didn’t have a lot of time to do that.

12-31-14_7-41 PM

It’s embarrassing, but I took to looking out my window to see if anyone interesting walked past. A lot of people enjoyed jogging here, so it wasn’t rare for some well build people to jog right past my house. By the time I was downstairs they were gone, though, and I didn’t have enough time to go jogging after them, so soon after I had started I abandoned this strategy for meeting people again.

12-31-14_8-05 PM

After my first two months on the job I decided to treat myself and went to the park. I did get two days a week off to myself, but I spent those working out or practising my speech skills, so leaving the house to meet someone new was a well earned treat.

The park was buzzing with people. A family was heating up a bbq, a few guys sat on their own on benches reading books or the paper, and some others were playing chess. I had no doubt that there’d be more in the building, too, but wanted to stay outside. I already spent so much time inside these days – apart from my daily morning swim – that it was nice to spent some time under the warm sunlight.

12-31-14_8-08 PM

I joined this guy for a round of chess, but the conversation wasn’t really flowing. He was a quiet one which made it difficult for me to talk to him. How did you get to know someone who doesn’t talk to you?

Not that I had to wonder about it for long.

12-31-14_8-11 PM

“Oh my God, Lilliana? Is that you?” Confused, I turned around, faintly recognising the voice behind me.

12-31-14_8-11 PM-3

“Gemma?” It was her! The pretty girl I went to school with!

Happy that I remembered her, she squeeled before pulling me into a hug.

“It’s so good to see you! What have you been up to? Are you still living here?” My heart was racing, and her excitement wasn’t helping things.

“I am! I moved out, but I still live here. What have you been up to?” Most people from my year group had moved away. Oasis Springs was a great place, but it was too isolated for a lot of people. Most of them had gone to Bridgeport, or even Starlight Shores for the really ambitious ones, but a few of us had stayed around. I had never thought that Gemma would be one of them.

“I can’t believe you stayed! Me and the girls always thought that you’d make it big and become a model, or an actress! What are you doing with yourself? I was going to become a reporter, but my Dad got sick so I’ve taken over the family business selling cakes.” Her excitement was infectious, and I couldn’t help myself from grinning. She had always been energetic, never sitting still for long. Now that I was seeing her again a part of me wondered if she was this energetic in all areas of life.

“Why don’t you come over and we can catch up?”

“Seriously? I’d love that!”

12-31-14_8-13 PM

“I’m off work tomorrow. Come over then?” We agreed on a time and once again she pulled me into a hug. I wasn’t expecting anything woohoo related to come out of this, but it was nice to catch up with someone I had gone to school with. It’d be good to have a friend who I could talk about guys with and gossip. And if something woohoo related did come out of it I wouldn’t complain, either!

Once we had said our goodbyes with the promise of her coming over tomorrow, I went home and immediately gave Devante a call. Seeing Gemma again had put thoughts into my head that I hadn’t had before about another woman. I hoped that Devante would be able to ease some of the tension, but things didn’t go as planned.

12-31-14_8-16 PM

He looked like someone had run over his puppy when he arrived.

“Oh, hi Lilli. How are you?” He sounded like he had been crying. No woohoo for me today then! I thought as I put my hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him.

“What happened, Dev?”

“Oh? It’s nothing, really. I just lost my job today.” And there he was saying that it was nothing.

12-31-14_8-16 PM-2

“I’m sorry to hear that. Wanna come in?”

He sniffed, wiping his nose on his shirt sleeve seconds later. “No, thanks. I need to get home really and start the job hunt all over again. I’ll find something, right?”

Doing my best to reassure him, Dev left moments later. I was really looking forward to seeing Gemma again now! I could do with a bit of her excitement.

12-31-14_8-27 PM

Just, that didn’t go quite as expected, either. She did come over, and we had a nice chat but she couldn’t stay for too long since she had to get back home to do the paperwork involved in running her own business. She did promise she’d come over again, and we arranged to meet up at my place two weeks from now. Her Mum mostly took care of her father for now, but wanted to get back into the family business as soon as possible and had promised to be back by then.

I was excited to see her again so soon, but knew that the two weeks would feel very long. I was starting to get frustrated. It felt like I hadn’t had much luck lately – and hadn’t my weekend off supposed to be all about that? Hoping to finally get somewhere, I gave Todd a call.

12-31-14_8-35 PM

“Hey, Todd? It’s me, Lilliana.”

“Hi Lilli! What’s up?”

“I know it’s kinda late, but do you want to come over?” I did my best to purr into the phone to leave no doubt as to why I needed him here.

“I’ll be right there!” The line was dead before I could reply.

12-31-14_8-37 PM


And right there he was!



First off, Gemma’s name isn’t really Gemma, but in my infinite wisdom I forgot to make a note of her name. Her name is Gemma now, okay?

Lilliana has done pretty well for herself and has been promoted already. At this point she is at lvl2 of her career, which is Locker Room Attendant. So far she’s only needed the athletic skill and the charisma skill, so her early skilling has come in handy 🙂 For her Aspiration, she needs to be lvl6 of the charisma skill and is now lvl 4 (you see how this ties in nicely with her career), needs to have a strong romantic relationship with 3 sims at once – that’s currently only Todd – and she needs to kiss 10 sims. She’s kissed 2, so you can see how she’s going to turn into the town slut pretty quickly! 😛

Also, has anyone else had this? She met Madalyn at the gym, but when I wanted to give her a call her face had disappeared from her contacts list. I don’t know if she died (though usually a ghost appears in the menu instead) or if the game has randomly deleted her, but either way she’s gone from my list.

And I don’t know what’s up with Devante. She’s spent quite a while trying to woo him, but he rejected all flirt and kiss attempts :/



12-28-14_4-07 PM

The first day in your first house is one of the biggest days of your life – or so the saying goes. Excited that my life was finally kicking off and I didn’t live under mum’s watchful eyes any more, I went out to celebrate at my favourite bar. I had had some good dates here after all, and knew this to be a place with a lot of good options! And now that I was officially grown up, I didn’t have to worry about age or drinking restrictions any more. Not that I was going to get hopelessly drunk – I did want to meet some good guys, but I wanted to remember to ask them for their number, too. What was the point otherwise, if I couldn’t invite them over again if I liked them? And now that Mum wasn’t monitoring my every step any more I could finally do just that – bring home whoever I wanted.

12-28-14_4-07 PM-2

The first guy I met was Jonathan. He was a business man on his night away from the office, and honestly I hadn’t expected much, but he seemed nice and he had a good body! His body language told me that he needed to unwind, and I wanted to be the person to help him do that. Luckily, I was smarter than to just ask him home right away, unlike some of the other girls I went to school with. If you want to be sure that he’s worth it you have to get to know them at least a little! And what better way to get to know his moves than dancing?

12-28-14_4-11 PM

He seemed a little reluctant, but let loose pretty quickly once we had started. I felt like I hadn’t been out dancing like this in ages, and made a mental note to do it more often. If my job allowed me to stay out late. I hadn’t started yet but knew that once I did, late nights out like this weren’t going to happen too often. I wanted the fun of it, but I also wanted to be the best damn athlete this town had ever seen! Staying out late partying the night away wasn’t going to let me do that.

Before I realised the time, Jonathan and I had danced for an hour.

12-28-14_4-12 PM

“I’m gonna disappear to the little boy’s room for a minute. Wait right here, all right?” I nodded, tempted to give him a little kiss but I didn’t want to seem too eager. Maybe once he was back we could go home? The first night in my first house had to be celebrated properly, after all, and Jonathan had danced closely to me for nearly the whole hour. I had a feeling he wanted to.

I didn’t feel like waiting around, though. I admit, dancing with him had put me into the mood, and just standing around doing nothing seemed like the most boring thing in that moment, so I went back to the seating area.

12-31-14_2-06 PM-2

This had always been a good spot to meet new people, but tonight it was buzzing! Although, there weren’t that many options. One old lady, one guy I went to school with who I had never really talked to a lot, and two younger women, roughly my age, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to explore down that way yet. One night I knew I’d be tempted, but tonight wasn’t that night.

I didn’t matter too much though, because the one other guy got up and sat down next to me almost right away.

12-31-14_2-07 PM

“Hi, I’m Devante. You here often?” It was difficult to hear over the music, but I could hear him well enough. He wasn’t exactly sitting far away from me.

“I used to. My name’s Lilliana, nice to meet you.” He looked me up and down quickly before nodding towards the bathrooms.

“Your boyfriend is taking a while, isn’t he? If I were him, I wouldn’t make a beautiful lady like yourself wait!”

“Oh, he’s not my boyfriend!” I quickly said, knowing that really I should wait for Jonathan but Devante had a good point. It was rude to make a lady wait, and I was more instantly attracted to Devante than I had been to Jonathan. This was my night, wasn’t it? “Wanna dance?”

“Glad to hear it! And yeah, why not!” We started dancing pretty close together, and before I knew it things had escalated.

12-31-14_2-09 PM

Devante was definitely a flirty one! Not someone Mum would approve of, that much was sure! Usually I wouldn’t have given in this easily – at least I liked to think so – but ever since Jonathan and I had danced close to each other I had wanted to go home with him. Until he had vanished in the toilets, that is.

I was so caught up in Devante that I didn’t even care when I spotted Jonathan come back from the corner of my eye. He looked hurt, but he turned around and walked off, so I guessed that he wasn’t too upset. Not that he could be, any way, given that we had only just met. And Devante was a good kisser! This wasn’t some teenager any more, he knew what he was doing! Which Reid had kinda done, too, but kissing him now made me realise how inexperienced we had really been – and Devante was anything but.

“I just moved into my new place today. Wanna see?” He nodded, pulling me with him out of the bar.

12-31-14_2-11 PM

My home wasn’t too far away – in fact, it was closer than Mum was – so it didn’t take us long to get back. Before I knew it we stood outside the garden, making out.

A little clumsy, I tried to find my keys in my pocket, but once we were inside we rushed upstairs to my brand new bedroom.

12-31-14_2-13 PM

I had been right about him. Inexperienced was one thing he was not!

12-31-14_2-19 PM

The morning after didn’t go quite so well. Devante had left early on, but had been quiet enough not to disturb me. That part had been fine since I didn’t want anything long term anyway, I just hoped he’d be willing to come back again some when. He had been good, it’d be a shame to never see him again.

Cooking my breakfast was the part that was giving me a headache! Mum had been a great cook, and I had always figured that it couldn’t be that difficult, but as it turned out cooking was pretty hard. I had no idea how she had done it all these years – and I didn’t remember her messing up once. I didn’t even remember where I had left the salt and pepper!

12-31-14_2-21 PM

Okay, yes. I admit it. Living on my own was great – I got to take home who I wanted, when I wanted – but it definitely wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, either. And it would only become harder once I had started my job since I would have less time. I felt grown-up, I felt ready and excited, but at the same time I was wondering if it’d be inappropriate to ask Mum to be here every morning to make me breakfast.