Just what is all this?

The Going Solo challenge was originally created by fellow simmer Vuneca for theSims3. You can find the original forum page here.

These are the rules and tips as summarised by Vuneca:

The TS4 Rules to Going Solo

Provisional Going Solo Challenges Rules for TS4
Challenge created by Vuneca, rules adjusted by Vuneca and LittleMinxUndr

The Going Solo Challenge was designed with having a relaxed experience in mind. There aren’t many rules to make sure that within the rules that there are, you can
play pretty much how you’d like.

– Start with a Single Sim. Man or woman makes no difference.
Story exceptions
–If your story requires it, a Sim may have a live in mate. This mate may, under no circumstances, be controlled by the player.
—Since Going Solo is about Sims carving a life for themselves on their own, avoid marriage and try to limit the amount of gens that have live in mates.

-Your Sim can have only one child and one child only, by birth or adoption. That child can also only have one child. And so on.
Recommendation — Provisional
–Play experience favors female Sims, since that makes it easier to transition from gen to gen. Think about using in-game items to ensure the birth of girls.
—A child may not be seized by authorities. Do your best to raise it well!

-A child must have at least one trait from it’s parent.
— Think about ‘non-committal’ as a possible returning trait.


-The only controllable Sims in a household are:
–A grandparent and if still kicking, a grand-grandparent.
–The current active Sim.
—A child of the current active Sim.
-You can kick grandparents out if you feel like it.


Aspirations are like the TS3 Lifetime Wishes. An Aspiration must be completed by the generation that selected it.
-Each generation must have a unique Aspiration. Repeats are not allowed.
–If an Aspiration have several branches, a child can select the Aspiration too as long as a different branch is chosen.
—An Aspiration with only one branch, once completed, can’t be selected again. It is done and selecting it again will only serve to prolong the Challenge.
—-An Aspiration that has all branches completed can’t be selected again. It is done and selecting it again will only serve to prolong the Challenge.-
—–An Aspiration and branch that isn’t completed by the parent can’t be selected by it’s child.
——A branch within an Aspiration that wasn’t completed by a generation can’t be selected again until such time all other Aspirations have one branch completed.
——-In the event a player accrues more than three failed Aspirations, a failed Aspirations can be selected again in order to keep the tally of failed Aspirations  at three (3).
–It’s not yet clear how Aspiration work exactly. This rule will probably see some revisions.


Unlike Aspirations, completed careers (Both branches.) can be repeated again but not before all other careers (Both branches.) have been completed. This is so because
there are more Aspirations than that there are careers.
-Each generation must have a unique career. Home-making (stay at home mom/dad, IE a Sim without a career) can be freely repeated.
–A child can’t enter the same career as it’s parent for any reason.
—Once a career has had both branches completed, it can’t be repeated until all other careers have had their branches completed.


Victory Conditions
-Once both all Aspirations and Careers have been completed, the challenge is over. Well done!


Fail State
-Your one child has been placed out of your control by the game.
–(Provisional) Your one child perishes.
—All controllable adults die. (Live in mates don’t count as controllable adults!)


Custom Content and Mods
-Mods are allowed, unless they make the game easier like ‘auto-locking motives’ for instance.
–CC is allowed, but cheat-items (unless provided by EA) not.
—Use common sense. If a mod offers insta-ready meals to replace cooking, you can be quite sure it isn’t allowed to be used in Going Solo.


Optional Rule: Iron Man In TS4, a Sim can now select a new Aspiration once an Aspiration has been completed. The Iron Man rule thus: Do all Aspirations and careers
with one Sim. That Sim may not marry or have children. The Iron Man is failed when the Sim dies. Note that the Iron Man rules haven’t been tested yet and that we have
no idea how TS4 actually works yet.




The rules are still provisional because they have to be tested in TS4 proper.


Differences in mine:

Most of the other lovely people who have started this challenge have given theirs a story to go with it. Mine is going to be slightly different in that I already have two stories on the go which require a fair amount of planning and can’t be arsed/don’t have time to do a third one. Because of this I’ll be playing this like a wishacy – meaning next to no control on my part. My sims may do whatever the hell they want, and if that includes starving themselves than I shall allow it – that’s why free will makes this so interesting, after all 😛

Everything else will likely be the same.


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