Hiatus Notice

Hi everyone!

I haven’t put a blog on hiatus before, but I feel like I should now.

I haven’t posted in a while (wait- beginning of September? That’s not so bad!) and I’m not sure when I’ll have time again. The reason being that I’m trying to finish my rainbowcy this year and since writing these blogs is hardly a full-time thing for me, it’s taking up a lot of my spare time at the moment. I can’t spare any more, therefore the hiatus.


Sorry, guys. It’s my fault. I’m getting all of the attention.

As soon as I’ve finished writing Poppy’s generation, I’ll be back here. I’ll have more time for Gary again once Whispers is finished 🙂

I’m sorry for the break, but I thought it was only fair to put up a notice since I’ll disappear either way :/




Death in TS4

Hi everyone,

I just quickly wanted to put a warning/disclaimer out there, regarding how Death is treated in TS4 because it’s becoming an issue for me and this blog.

In TS3, when a sim was about to die of old age, the game gave you a 24-hour warning so your sims could wrap up any business with relatives and close friends. It was great for us story tellers because we could prepare for it and incorporate the death of a previous generation or beloved aunt smoothly into the story. Once the sim had died you got another message, saying your sim’s friend or relative had now passed on.

TS4 does neither. Sims just die, and the only way to find out is when you want to invite someone over and see them either gone from the relationship window or greyed out. There’s no 24-hour warning and no notification upon death.

This means that I can’t plan for it in this story. I’d love to do something, maybe a last scene at the hospital or something like that, but because of how the game works that’s not possible.

You can change your settings to only your played households ageing, which means that ageing works again as it did in TS2. However, if you do make sure you set ageing for your played households to ‘active households only’ – any other households you have placed yourself will otherwise continue to age up. It’s not a great fix but it’s better than nothing. If anyone knows of a mod that can give you a similar death warning as TS4 had, please let me know.

I apologise if the deaths of some sims seem sudden and cold. They’re a surprise to me, too.

Thank you for reading,


Mischief Is Writing A Book!

Hi everyone!

(If you follow all of my other stories under this account you’re probably quite fed up with hearing this now, but-)

I just wanted to quickly let y’all know that I’m writing a book, and if any of you were interested at all in following my progress from the first word to the finished thing, you can totally do that! You can either follow me on my book dedicated blog Cookie Break, and/or you can follow me on my book’s dedicated twitter page 🙂

Otherwise, the next you’ll hear about this is the release date some time around summer next year, and you’d miss out on all the fun in between! (like give-aways close to the release date)

Thank you for reading,


Liebster Award


So this morning (meaning yesterday morning *ahem*) I woke up to see that one of my favourite blogs  – and best blogs I’ve ever read – The Danevbie Legacy by sErin had been nominated for this award, and I thought it was very well deserved indeed! Imagine my surprise when I start up my computer only to see that someone deems my blog as worthy as I deem sErin’s!

My nomination comes from fellow blogger and simmer NevisDreams  – I hope I have made it clear on your own nomination how surprising this was and how much I appreciate it!

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to bloggers, to promote the blogging sites we love and support.

Accepting the nomination comes with these conditions:
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

My Nominations: 

Polychromwardbound by sErin

The Madness of Mr. Goth by Valois Fulcanelli

As Life Goes by jazen

A Race Against Time by PiazzaGirl

Seidkhona by french_vanilla

Summerdream by Caterpillarsims

Going Solo by Vuneca

My answers to Nevis’ questions:

1. Do you have a favorite Sim?

Goodness me, yes! I know a mother isn’t supposed to have favourites, but I really liked Oracle from my rainbowcy. I love Rainy from the same story now as well and already love her child, even though I haven’t got a name for said child yet and even though she hasn’t even gotten together with the child’s father yet! Also, despite not liking him at all first, I really like Joel from my TS3 Going Solo challenge. Because he’s another mermaid I wasn’t that excited when he was born, but I think Joel and I have made this work :3

2. What’s your favorite part about playing Sims?

Definitely the story-writing part (I actually can’t play without writing any more – just-for-fun games aren’t fun enough!), and also the genetics, especially in my rainbowcy.

3. What inspires you to share your Sims’ stories?

Do you remember in TS2 we had that sort-of diary/notebook option? I was writing in that, but TS3 didn’t have anything like it. I started reading (my first one was BerryPie) a couple of things and they were so good I had to try it, too. Didn’t think I’d end up with this many projects on the go buuuut here we are.

4. If you could change one thing about Sims, what would it be?

The LAG!! -.- And the glitches -.-

5. When something unwanted happens in your game, do you exit and start over or continue playing?

That depends on the save. My rainbowcy is very planned out, so unwanted things can’t be allowed to live, whereas in my two Going Solo’s unwanted things can be a good thing! For example, before my TS3 challenge became a challenge it was just a for-fun game (you see how that turned out, yes?) and the founder’s two children died. They were mermaids and dehydrated and they burnt to death. Since Morrigan and Leliana were her only children she needed to have one more, because otherwise it would have been over here and I wasn’t quite ready to stop playing their save yet. Therefore Anders was born, who then had three children named Mickey, Rose and Donna, and suddenly I had another challenge 😛

6. Do you prefer Sims with positive traits?

No, I think only having positive traits all the time is bound to make your story boring. It’s a different matter if you’re only playing for fun, but as I’ve already mentioned I can’t do that any more, so positive only traits are a no-go for me.
7. How would the best day in your life look like?

Hmmmm, that’s difficult.. My boyfriend and I haven’t been on a holiday for a while. I’d love to go on a holiday. To Japan. To a cat cafe.

8. What’s your favorite food?

9. Which is your favorite movie?

Yeah, like there’s only one… I love most Pixar movies, especially UP even though I cried pretty much the whole way through (it doesn’t take much, I tell ya!) and I love the Hunger Games movies. Which is already more than you asked me for!! 😛

10. What’s your dream vacation?

I LOVED our first cruise together (it wasn’t his first one but it was mine) to the Mediterranean and would love to do it again. I’d also love to go to Japan. To a cat cafe.

11. Share your favorite Sim’s darkest secret!

I’m not sure they have any!!! Apart from the baddies. Jeez, I might have to think on that one! oO I’ll get back to you on that…


My questions to my nominees: 

1. What got you into writing stories with the sims?

2. What convinced you to start publishing said stories online?

3. Have you got a favourite sim?

4. How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

5. Are any of your characters or situations based on real life?

6. If you could do anything without worry about money or time, what would you do?

7. Have you ever published a chapter despite not being 100% happy with it, and your readers surprised you by loving it, or commenting more than usual?

8. What do you do when something unwanted happens? Accept it or quit without saving?

9. What is your favourite aspect about writing?

10. What is your least favourite aspect?

11. What inspires you the most? Music? A great book? A walk outside? Something else?


Very much looking forward to seeing your answers 🙂


Preview: Lilliana Seaworth

10-23-14_10-08 PM-3

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Traits: Alluring (from aspiration), Outgoing (from Morrigan), Active

Career: Undecided

That’s right, we’ve got another woohoo addict! ^^ The first step of her aspiration involves kissing twenty (twenty!!!) people for the first time, so this is off to a good start 😛 I haven’t decided on a career for her yet, but was wondering about something active. I can’t remember if there’s a sports career in the game a the moment, I’ll double check later ^^

Disclaimer about sensitive content, please read (some cussing involved)

Hi everyone.

This is about something that’s recently happened on a story of a friend of mine. If you read it yourselves you’ll like know which one I’m talking about. It was immensely beautifully written, and, like the majority of blogs, books, movies, …….,  out there addressed some sensitive subjects. I have done this myself on a number of occasions, for example in the way Cari got pregnant (not wanting to give any spoilers here), but the difference is that for some reason, on her blog, her readers completely blew things out of proportion which led to her feeling the need to take down her blog.

Maybe one of you can explain this to me. If you don’t like something you’re reading, if you feel very strongly against the chosen topic, why on earth would you feel the need to continue reading and comment on every chapter just to say how much you hate it, like someone is holding a gun to your head? What exactly stops you from just leaving the blog and moving on? This is one of the first things I say on every one of my own blogs, but I’ll say it again now since apparently, some people can’t figure this out for themselves: If you don’t like what you’re reading, that’s perfectly fine, but move on. If my blog isn’t for you than I’m okay with that, but there’s absolutely no point whatsoever to you continuously telling me how much you hate what you’re reading. Personally I think if you keep reading regardless than you can’t really hate it as much as you claim, so stop moaning about it.

To be brutally honest, if this is you – if you keep reading something you hate and then tell the author how disgusted you are with it – you are immensely childish and immature and need to grow the fuck up before reading any kind of fiction again. These things are made up. Fictional. Not real. Get over it.

Her readers (and no, not all of them – there was a lot of support for her as well) really completely blew this out of proportion. In their mind, this male character raped this female character (which isn’t what happened at all. they were both more than old enough to make it clear that they didn’t want this – instead, neither said anything, they both stayed quiet about it and for the record – he didn’t want this at all either and was about as uncomfortable with the whole thing as humanly possibly, yet for some reason he’s the one who raped her and apparently it was disgusting. not sure what they were reading but the chapter in question had a different plot) which is about as far from the truth as you can get. The problem here is this new, modern take on feminism which dictates that men are to blame for everything everywhere and that women can’t possibly do anything wrong. (rant about modern feminism over).

So, to make a long story short: If you don’t like it, thank you for giving my story a try. Please leave. No one is forcing you to read something you’re uncomfortable with. If you feel the need to keep reading and commenting anyway, despite finding the content disgusting-

Grow. The Fuck. Up.


Overview of Morrigan’s house

A few chapters back I was asked to upload some pictures of Morrigan’s house, so, a couple of much needed renovations later, here’s the house as it is at the moment 🙂


09-09-14_12-09 PM-4

09-09-14_12-10 PM




09-09-14_12-10 PM-2

09-09-14_12-10 PM-3

(this does have a rug now as you can see in the last picture)

Dining Room:

09-09-14_12-10 PM-4

09-09-14_12-10 PM-5

Master Bathroom:

09-11-14_5-30 PM

09-11-14_5-30 PM-2

(Morrigan keeps breaking stuff so ignore the sink)

Master Bedroom:

09-09-14_12-09 PM-3

09-09-14_12-09 PM

Living Room:

09-11-14_5-44 PM

09-11-14_5-45 PM

(As you can see, she isn’t too impressed with her living room at the moment)


09-11-14_5-42 PM-2

09-11-14_5-42 PM

And an overall overview:

09-11-14_6-55 PM

Naturally I forgot to take pictures of the outside again -.-

I’ll add a second floor once the baby comes along, the small bathroom downstairs isn’t furnished yet and still in the dark, and the living room could use some more furniture, but overall it’s nice and cosy now 🙂