About me

*trying to find a picture of me that’s not too old and not too crinch-worthy…*


I should say that I’m not someone who takes selfies very often. Not unless it’s with my actual camera for self-portraiture experiments, and that doesn’t happen very often, either. I am someone though who, amongst other things, really likes hats. And kiwis. The hat in the picture isn’t actually my hat. It’s a friend’s hat but every time I visited her I ended up wearing it. When we moved into our new house she gave it to me as a moving in present – so I guess it;s kinda my hat now. Naturally, now that it’s mine, I no longer wear it.

I’m 24 years old (I just know I’ll forget to update this every year), and live in the UK with my boyfriend Barrie, who hates having his picture taken (much like me) and therefore can’t be shown off on here ^^ We met online in a chat room, met up soon after, and I moved in with him less than a year later. This year in September we have our 7 year anniversary, so no need to worry. I already know everything that’s troubling about him, heh 😛

This year I finished my degree in Photography at university and have been job hunting since then.

As far as games go… I started playing the sims with the sims 1 (sadly it looks like the sims 4 is taking a lot of steps backwards and becomes a bit like a second sims 1 with improved graphics), but it’s far from the only game I’ve played/play. I’m quite versatile, really. I love the Harvest Moon series and love Pokemon to bits, but I’ve also played the hell out of all three Mass Effect games and Skyrim. Amongst others. My boyfriend and I have several consoles and smaller handheld ones, so if anyone would like to be friends on the 3DS let me know and I’ll consider adding my friend code ^^

Besides gaming, I also love Photography, drawing (not that I’m any good but I was thinking about doing a blog to track my ‘progress’), writing and every Monday evening I do karate. I write a book once but it was rubbish so it didn’t g anywhere, but I might write another one in the near future.

Growing up I had several guinea pigs as pets (Toni, Murkel, Buffy and Charlie) as did my sister. Guinea pigs were the only pets we were allowed, but there were a lot of cats in the neighbourhood so I got to cuddle them, and my aunt who lived just down the road right above my grandma had this Rottweiler who they adopted when she was a puppy and I was roughly five, so I grew up together (my parents were both working so I stayed with my grandma during the days – as did the dog)

Not sure what else to tell you! Honestly I’m surprised if you read this far :O But if there’s anything else you want to know feel free to ask away 🙂

Thanks for reading,


(I love cats. And jackets. And eggs.)


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