10-02-15_8-10-27 PM

The nursery was the first room in my new house that I decorated. Mum, Grandma and Grandpa Milan helped me pick the furniture and move things around until I was happy with it all. It was a bare room, with the mere essentials – just the cot, a couple of pictures and a mobile – but money was tight and I did what I could. My family offered to chip in more and buy the baby some presents, but I wanted to do this on my own. I was starting over, and I needed to do it alone.

10-02-15_8-06-00 PM

I loved the house. It wasn’t as big as Mum’s but it was bigger than my previous home and it was cosy. The rooms weren’t too large – in fact, the kitchen was a little small – and I found it easier to relax every day. It was hard, thinking about Emery but at least we hadn’t shared this house. Besides cooking and his favourite TV shows there was nothing here to remind me of him, and I was grateful for the fresh start.

The only time I really felt his absence was at work. Chief Chau hadn’t assigned me a new partner for the time being since I was a Sergeant now and she knew that I could this alone. At first I had been mad, but the more time passed the more grateful I was. She was right, I could do this on my own, and I had a feeling that maybe she was testing me. Layla was a good Chief but she had never wanted the position and would have been happier in another. She did her best and wasn’t going to leave the job without good reason, but I knew that she wanted a replacement.

There was chatter around the office that she wanted me to be that replacement.

10-02-15_8-07-21 PM

I didn’t know if it was true, I was nowhere near being promoted to Chief, but it gave me something to focus on. At home I had the baby, and at work I had a new goal. I didn’t want to be coddled but it was nice to be looked out for, and I welcomed the distraction.

10-02-15_8-09-00 PM

Especially when Mum had a nasty fall in the shower. She broke an arm and her right foot, and was banned from working out until everything had healed. With everything that had happened I hadn’t even considered her health, or her age, but Grandma gave me the gentle nudge I needed to face the inevitable. Mum was getting old, and unlike Grandma and Grandpa Milan she wasn’t immortal. She had lived a good, healthy life, but sooner or later…

10-02-15_8-16-49 PM

I didn’t want to think about it just yet. For the time being Mum was still very much alive, and I had baby-prep to do. I read every book on pregnancy and birth preparation that I could find, and I even started watching kids shows on TV. I didn’t know if it was hormones or if I had genuinely developed an interest in Pokemon, but it was addictive and I couldn’t stop. Inside me my baby was moving and punching, and I knew he or she was happy, too.

I had failed Emery and my baby did not face the kind of future I had always wanted for my kids, but I wouldn’t fail him or her, too. I’d do my best to be a good Mum. We didn’t have much to look forward to with our fate looming over our heads, but we’d have each other and I’d be damned if I let this baby down!

10-02-15_8-26-54 PM

When I was only a month away from my due date everything hurt. My back was killing me, my feet were swollen and ached whether I stood up or sat down, and I was huge. My family visited as often as they could and even moved in for the last two weeks, but Mum’s constant reassuring cooing at my massive belly only helped so much. I was ready for this baby to be born, now.10-02-15_8-25-22 PM

Finally, a week after my due date, my water broke. I had gotten up at 2am because I was starving and needed pancakes, and was in the middle of mixing the dough when the worst pain imaginable shot through me. Everyone was asleep since it was the middle of the night, but they woke up instantly when I screamed.

10-02-15_8-27-36 PM

Unlike me who had read all those books they were much better prepared. Everyone was running through the house getting me the things I needed, while I tried my best not to freak out. I was giving birth, to my and Emery’s baby. Right. Fucking. Now.

10-02-15_8-28-28 PM

Mum helped me through the contractions and I was immensely grateful that they were there. Grandpa Milan waited outside but Mum and Grandpa were with me, making sure I had everything I needed.

After ten hours of wishing the little one would just pop out already, it was time.

10-02-15_8-29-03 PM

My son, my Gary, was born, and I could see the resemblance to Emery already. I loved him instantly.


Just to give you an idea of where things are at-

Sophia is currently a Sergeant as I mentioned above, that translates to lvl 6 of her career. In her aspiration she’s still lvl 1 since it’s the successful lineage one and she needed to have a child before I could make any progress 🙂 Now that Gary was born it should progress nicely since most of the goals are set around interacting with her kid. Before you get excited – she only needs the one child to max it out, so sadly no more babies are required 😉

I hope this gives you an idea of how things are progressing 🙂


3 thoughts on “3.13

  1. Aww…it’s sad to think of Lili getting older. 😦 Maybe she can move in and help Sophia out with Gary for a little while.

    I feel so bad for Sophia missing Emery and trying to not be so surrounded by him memory. 😦 Hopefully raising their son will help her heal since in a way it seems like she really hasn’t. It does sound like her captain is grooming her to take over the department. That would be a good move for her. 🙂 Congrats on the first male heir!!! Looking forward to seeing how he turns out.


  2. The minute I heard that Lilli fell I started to worry about her age. I guess she doesn’t have too much time left and sadly we are going to lose her. 😦

    Congratulations to Sophia on her baby and I do look forward to seeing Gary grow up. It’s going to be interesting to see how it works out with a male heir in Sims 4. It also sounds like Sophia is getting promotion soon and it will be great to see her become the Chief.


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