11-22-14_10-24 PM

My job was killing me, and I hadn’t even started it yet. Or applied for it. I knew that, if I wanted to be a good athlete, I had to be in top physical condition, and I had been determined to push myself – until I was about three days into my new routine.

11-22-14_10-26 PM

Every morning I got up just before the sunrise, way before Mum did, and swam a few laps in our pool. The refreshing water felt horribly cold at first this early, but it woke me up pretty quickly and by the time I had done ten laps I felt awake. In the cool water, I didn’t feel the burning in my legs so much – not until it was time to get out of the beautifully cool water, get changed, and start my half an hour run!

11-22-14_10-29 PM

With every step I took, my legs felt like they were on fire. My sides were in terrible stitches, and my muscles screamed at me in agony, but there was nothing and no one that could have stopped me from doing this ever day. I wanted to be a great athlete, and had always known that it would take a few sacrifices! I just hadn’t imagined that they would be this painful.

After that I took a quick shower, got dressed, had a quick healthy breakfast and then it was off to school. In the evening, at 6pm sharp, I went for another half an hour run on my treadmill.

11-22-14_10-47 PM-2

And still I somehow managed to find time to spend with Blaine. I knew that, if we didn’t go on a few fates here and there, Mum would get suspicious and start asking questions, and I wanted to avoid that more than I wanted to make the fire in my muscles go away! There were only two more months left before we were officially finished with High School. Two more months in which I had to keep up appearances. After that, Blaine and I could go our separate ways.

I did enjoy our dates together, but I definitely enjoyed the woohoo more! Talking to Blaine was nice. Unlike Reid he always had something smart to say, and I didn’t find myself looking at my phone as often. And it kept Mum at bay. She had begun to think that Blaine and I might actually have something serious going on, and I didn’t want to correct her. If it helped her accept our relationship, then I wasn’t going to argue it.

11-22-14_10-59 PM-2

As final exams drew closer our dates became more rare as I had to buckle down and study. I had never been as good in school as Mum had wanted me to be, but as long as I kept bringing in B’s she was happy enough. The job application I had to fill in wasn’t too focused on good grades, but they did want a B+ at the very least and I knew that to have the best chances, I couldn’t accept anything but an A. I had put my body through too much to accept anything less. Unfortunately for me, just being a fast runner wasn’t good enough to get me that A. There was an awful lot of theory involved and some biological branches, too, which I had never paid much attention to. Who cared if I knew which muscles did what, or how they flexed when I was lifting weights? I was the fastest runner in my school, that’s what should have mattered.

Two weeks before my final exams and I did nothing but exercise, study, eat, sleep and go to my classes. Blaine and I sent texts back and forth every now and again, so I knew that he wasn’t anywhere near as stressed as I was. He was too confident about his finals for my liking, but that’s what you got when you were as clever as he was.

Eventually, and very suddenly, all the stress was over. My exams were taken, and all I had to do now was wait for my results and the decision regarding my application. Well, and there was one other thing…

11-26-14_11-14 AM-2

My birthday was only a couple of days away, and I knew that Blaine’s business plan had been approved as well as his deposit. Everything was in place for his company to take off, and I’d be pretty busy myself very soon, so… It was time to break up.

It was getting late when he came over, but I had been busy taking a relaxing swim before that. Swimming for fun was actually quite nice when you had the time, and I’d figured that I deserved a short break for all the hard work I’d put in.

“Hey, Blaine. So, this is it! Thank you for putting on this charade with me, my Mum actually believed that we were serious! I couldn’t have done this with anyone else.” I went in to hug him, but he pulled away quickly, looking surprised.

11-26-14_11-16 AM

“You’re breaking up with me?” I had no idea why he was so shocked. We had both known that this was just for woohoo! If Mum hadn’t watched me this closely I would have moved on to the next guy ages ago. Or maybe that hot girl from the year below me.

11-26-14_11-16 AM-3

“You could argue that it’s not really a breakup since we weren’t really a couple.”

An odd expression entered his face. “And here I thought-”

“Thought what? You knew we weren’t serious. Come on, Blaine, you knew what we had was only for fun! And we had a lot of it, didn’t we?” I had thought so, anyway. Maybe my suspicions had been right? Maybe he actually had fallen in love with me! To think I had thought of him as clever.

11-26-14_11-16 AM-2

“You’ll regret this, Lilliana. You know we had more than just a bit of fun! It started out as that, I know, but we became more! You’re mine, you can’t just break up with me!”

“Well, I’m doing it now.” I was getting annoyed with him now. He had known my reputation and why I had wanted to do this. If he had actually fallen in love with me then that was his bad, but it had nothing to do with me. I was more than ready to move on, and I was done needing people’s permission. My birthday was two days away. After that I could move out and start my own life, the way I wanted to live it. “Good luck with your business, hope it goes well!”

I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, for old time’s sake, and went inside, closing the door behind me.



Lilliana has completed another step of stage 2 of her aspiration, which was to break up with two people. Now all she needs to do is get to lvl5 of the charisma skill to get to stage 3, and she’s currently on lvl3 🙂



11-22-14_10-16 PM

Our dinner was accompanied by a very tense atmosphere. The whole thing felt incredibly awkward, and Mum was not making it easy on Blaine!

11-22-14_10-15 PM

“The food is wonderful, Ms Seaworth. Thank you for inviting me over, I very much appreciate your hospitali-”

“Save the flattery, it’s not going to work on me!” Mum hadn’t been kidding when she had told me that she’d want to approve of whoever my next boyfriend was going to be first! Even though Blaine and I were going to keep making out knowing that this was only a temporary relationship I felt a little bad for him. Mum was grilling him!

11-22-14_10-12 PM“So, tell me, Blaine! What do you intend to do once you’ve finished High School?”

“I have made plans to start my own company. I have met with the bank as well as a loans advisor, and will be putting down the down payment for the building three months before graduation.”

“That is an awful lot to achieve in the little time you have left! Are you sure you can do all that and still take your relationship with my daughter seriously?” I nearly choked on my food.

11-22-14_10-13 PM-2“Mum!”

“I’m just asking, Lilli! You know I only want what’s best for you.” I knew she was trying to make this dinner as embarrassing as possible on purpose. Yes, she had agreed to me dating as long as she approved first – but that wasn’t as good as me not dating at all!

Fortunately, it didn’t work and Blaine wasn’t put off. In the end my Mum had no choice but to admit that he was perfect – especially after I had vouched for his business plans and he had done the washing up! Whether he was really going to start a proper business I didn- Well, I knew that he was planning something which required a lot of money, and he always referred to it as his business, but I didn’t know any details. I just knew that he was bright enough and rich enough to make it work.

11-22-14_10-17 PMOnce Blaine had finished the washing up and Mum had told me that dating him would be fine we escaped to my room. Blaine had played the part of the perfect son-in-law beautifully, but I couldn’t imagine that he had no limits. He’d want a break sooner or later, and I preferred it to be sooner.

“I can’t believe you put up with her for the whole dinner. I almost believed you!” Blaine pulled me into a hug which quickly escalated into a heated kiss. In the short amount of time that we had been together his skills had improved a lot, and I knew that this was in no short part due to me! He was a quick learner, and I was a very good teacher. End of story.

“Anything you desire, Lilli.” Sometimes I worried that he almost sounded a little in love with me, but then I shook it off. He was a clever guy, and we both knew that this wasn’t going to last – that the whole relationship thing was just a show for my Mum. This way, she could start trusting me again and I still got to have woohoo. Everyone won, really. I didn’t like lying to my Mum, and she didn’t have a habit of asking for too much, but me not seeing any boys at all wasn’t going to happen.

11-22-14_10-19 PM-2“What do you say we celebrate our victory?”

“My pleasure.”

“Come on.” I took his hand into mine, and led him back downstairs, into Mum’s bedroom. There was something very exciting about the possibility of being caught and of doing something forbidden, but this time Mum wasn’t going to walk in on us. I had learned from the time with Reid, and knew exactly what her routine was after having finished dinner. She’d be watching TV for at least an hour, maybe play one of her games for a bit, too. As long as we were quiet and quick, she’d never know.

11-22-14_10-20 PMAnd it had been so worth it!



So, yeah. I guess woohoo in her Mum’s bed is her thing. They were in Lilli’s room, and and I clicked on her bed for the interaction, but they went downstairs anyway. I don’t know if her bed isn’t good enough, or if it’s the possible risk she likes, but that’s how it is. In Morrigan’s bed. Every fudging time.

And I wasn’t kidding when I said that Blaine did the washing up! The minute dinner was over he got up and did everyone’s dishes.


11-16-14_5-18 PM

“You are too young to be sleeping around like that, young lady! I know that boy’s reputation, and I do not want you around people like him!”

Mum was pretty annoyed with me. As much as I had been dreading this talk, this was far worse than anything I had imagined. It was more embarrassing, for one. I didn’t think that ‘I didn’t think you were home‘ was going to make a good excuse, so I kept my mouth shut and let her yell at me.

“I don’t want you dating for one month, and if that boy comes around here again I will kick his butt personally!” I didn’t think that the latter was going to be a problem. But not dating for one month? I supposed that just casually seeing someone couldn’t technically be seen as dating, but I didn’t want to test just how far I could push things right now.

On the other hand…

11-16-14_5-18 PM-3

“I’m not grounded?” I had expected to be locked away in my room for a pretty long time for this, but simply not dating anyone was nowhere near as bad!

Mum sighed. “No, you’re not. But there are conditions I expect you to abide by!”

11-16-14_5-18 PM-2

“No dating for one month, as I said. Additionally, I want to meet any boy you’d like to date first, say for dinner. Also, if I catch you in the same situation again, you will be grounded. For a long time.” I knew she wasn’t kidding. Nothing about her voice sounded like she was making jokes.

Slowly, I nodded. “All right, that seems fair.”

“Good. I raised you better than that, Lilliana.” She was right, she had. But surely that didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun?

11-16-14_5-18 PM-4

“I broke up with him. He was only using me, anyway.”

“I’m glad to hear that. You’re a beautiful young woman, boys will naturally be interested in girls like you.” Eww. Now here was the truly icky part!

“Mum, can we not-”

“Just remember the conditions I set you. I expect your judgement in boys to be better than that!”

“Thanks, Mum. It will be.” Mum didn’t seem too convinced.

11-16-14_5-18 PM-5


“All right. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to buy a new bed.” I knew that from now on, I was going to be watched very carefully. Mum would never go through my phone to check my messages and emails, but I was wondering if I had given her enough reason to do that after all.

As expected, it was a long month. Reid called me every now and again, but I only answered him once to tell him to leave me be. Mum alone might not have been able to beat him up since he was far more muscular than her, but I was pretty sure that she had gotten my godparents involved as well. If he dared to show up after my warnings, it’d be Mum, Milan and Alisha against Reid. Not even Reid was strong or stupid enough to win a fight against my angry family!

11-16-14_5-40 PM

To make the time pass by more quickly I often swam a few laps in our new pool. Summers were hot in Oasis Springs, and we had more than enough money saved up for Mum to casually dish out on a swimming pool. The cool water was bliss, and swimming helped me get through the boy-less month more easily. It was a great change from using the treadmill and jogging outside, and even Mum had gotten in shape pretty quickly. Now that she was a proclaimed author and wasn’t expected to come into the office too often, she had a lot of free time on her hands and I knew she spent it by either using my treadmill or by swimming – even if she never told me about using my room. Given what Reid and I had used her room for, I could hardly complain.

Eventually, the month came to a close, and I was dying to call Blaine. He had been the first one to call me after the news of my breakup with Reid had spread around the school like wildfire, and had assured me that if I ever needed anything, he’d be there for me. I had no idea if he had an ulterior motive – most boys usually did – but in this case I needed much the same thing as he had likely had in mind.

I called him up, and we decided to meet outside his favourite hangout, the lounge.

11-16-14_5-20 PM

“How are you holding up? It’s been a month already, hasn’t it?” Blaine was exactly what I needed to gain Mum’s trust back. He looked like a good boy who was more interested in his homework than girls, and I just knew that he’d have my Mum fooled as easily as he had his own Mum fooled. A couple of months of dating him, and Mum would think that I’d decided to turn the game into something more serious.

11-16-14_5-21 PM

“Yeah, it has. Thank you for coming out to see me, I know I should have called you sooner.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know you must have had a hard month.” Not as hard as I would have liked it to be, I thought, but kept that to myself.

“Do you want to go on inside? I’ll buy you a drink or three.” Blaine was rich – or rather, his Mum was rich – and he wasn’t shy about throwing his/her wealth around whenever he wanted. He wasn’t spoiled by any means – I had met his Mum and knew that she was about as harsh on him as any good mother would be on her teenage son – but Blaine was a very clever boy with a mischievous streak, and was about as experienced in getting away with everything he wanted as Reid was with girls.

“That sounds great.” I followed him up the stairs to the far corner of the room. Most of the other customers were old, so we stood out among the crowd.

11-16-14_5-27 PM

We drank our first two glasses of cocktails before I decided to bring up the main reason for our catch-up.

“So, Blaine… I’ve been thinking.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“Well, after Reid… I want to be with someone who takes me seriously as a person, not just for my body. I want to be with someone who I can talk to on an intellectual level, for… a while.” I wasn’t sure how else to put this. Blaine knew me, and would see through what I was getting at pretty quickly. In fact, I counted on it.

11-16-14_5-27 PM-2

“Yes, from what I’ve heard Reid doesn’t make a very good speaker. I have had the… pleasure of speaking to him myself a few times. It’s obvious why you’d want to date someone smarter than that.” He tried to play it cool as much as I was, but the look in his eyes betrayed him. He might have been a better man than Reid, but when promised woohoo the lust shot into his eyes just as quickly.

“I do! In fact, I was wondering, well… Would you like to go out with me?”

11-16-14_5-25 PM

“I would love to, Lilli.”

Now all I had to do was bring him home for dinner, and I’d be set!


Some extra shots of the pool:

11-16-14_4-51 PM-2

11-16-14_4-52 PM-2

11-16-14_4-52 PM

11-16-14_4-51 PM-3

As you can see I did a bit of landscaping as well ^^ I figured I might as well now that they’ll actually spend some time outside.



Lilliana wasn’t kidding, Morrigan really is shaping up quickly just from using their pool! I had her use the treadmill pretty much every time Lilliana was at school for a few hours, but it didn’t make the same difference that swimming a few laps made! Before she actually looked like she had put on some baby fat and I swear she had stretch marks, but she’s beginning to look more like a twenty-year old again!

Lilliana is still on stage 2 of her aspiration, but one more date and one more breakup and all she’ll need to do is get her charisma skill to lvl5 🙂


11-07-14_12-12 PM

Going out with Reid was amazing. He definitely wasn’t shy around the ladies, and knew exactly how to… let’s say ‘handle’ me. Being with him was exciting since I knew that he knew his way around a girl’s body. There were loads of girls at our school who were jealous of him sleeping around, and who had gotten it into their thick little heads that he should be with one of them and be loyal, but we both knew that neither of us was going to do that. We were at an understanding, and I can’t say that I hated all the experience he had!

Until one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend. He said it’d do his image some good to be seen with one girl only, even if just for a little while and even went as far as saying that it’d be good for my image too, to be seen as the girl who managed to tame this wild tiger (his words, not mine). Not that I cared about image, but I agreed. Why not? He knew I’d be discreet! And you should always try everything at least once, so why not dating?

11-07-14_12-12 PM-2

“Come on, babe, take a picture with me!” Hanging out with him was fun, but mostly for making out. Like most of the guys on the sports team at school, and jocks everywhere, he wasn’t a great talker. He insisted we go on some public dates, so that people (y’know, girls) could see that he could be serious and loyal if he tried, but Maker they were boring! It wasn’t like I was with him for his intellect, you know?

“Wanna sit down?” I asked, desperately needing him to stop talking, but I knew he wasn’t dumb enough for me to say this outright and him not to be offended by it.

11-07-14_12-13 PM


“There. Isn’t this much nicer?” His eyes looked up and down my body, agreeing fully. In fact, we got so lost in each other’s company that we weren’t even bothered by that one lady to sit down next to us and fall asleep almost immediately.

11-07-14_12-14 PM


We’d been here first, after all. If we bothered her she could move away and find another bench to nap on.

Sadly, his arms around me didn’t last long.

11-07-14_12-16 PM-2

“So, er.. Did you see that movie everyone’s talking about? The one about that one chick, who’s really hot?”

“I don’t know, Reid, you’ll need to narrow it down a little more.”

“Cause that was, like, super hot! She kept making out with this other chick and I just thought about you, you know? Like, do you think you’d ever make out with another girl? While I’m there? Cause that be, like-”

I sighed. “Super hot?” He nodded eagerly. I was getting bored of this conversation and was wondering if the film he was on about was anything they’d ever shown in a public cinema.

11-07-14_12-15 PM


“Tell you what. Why don’t you bring me home and I’ll show you what I can do with you first, before we pull anyone else into this?” Truth was, I really wasn’t interested in getting anyone else involved. Not on his terms, anyway.

“I like the sound of that! Won’t your Mum care?”

“My Mum isn’t home tonight. She’s meeting up with some friends.” It was still light out but at this time of year it got dark pretty quickly in Oasis Springs, and our house was on the other side of town.

11-07-14_12-31 PM

In his defence, he did walk me home. Sure, it was only because I had promised him a reward, but he could still have decided that bringing me home first was too annoying for him.

“So, uhm… You wanna come in?” Do you guys want to know a secret? I’d never done this before. Bring a guy home with me, I mean. Yes, I did have friends over before, and yes, we’d made out on my bed or wherever, but I’d never brought anyone home for that before. I was excited, everything about this felt so dangerous, like Mum could jump out from behind the sofa any moment just to bust us. I just wanted to do this, now. I wasn’t worried about it hurting – I had done ‘things’ myself before, I was way past that threshold!

“For coffee, right?” Not even Reid was that stupid. I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was playing. He put on what I thought must have been his seductive smile, and I immediately wondered how his words combined with that ever worked on girls! Reid was lucky he had this body. If he wasn’t so hot he’d have problems getting girls into his bed.

“Yes, Reid. Coffee.” I opened the door and pulled him into the house behind me. Two steps into the house and his arms were around me before I had closed the door behind us. It was completely dark in the house, which honestly helped his case. If he wasn’t so good at this…

Given his previous experience it didn’t take long for us to get all fired up. Before I knew it his hand had found its way under my shirt, and boy it felt good! Having made out in public places before had nothing on this!

Feeling dizzy from the excitement and the promise of what was to come, we stumbled into the closest bedroom in the house.

11-07-14_12-31 PM-3

Mum’s. I did turn the lights on, because no way had I gotten him that far without being able to see his body!

I thanked the Maker that Mum wasn’t home, otherwise I’d be grounded for life if she knew what we were doing in her bed. Just…

One problem.

11-07-14_12-35 PM


“What the hell do you think you’re doing, young lady?” We had just finished, and Reid, blissfully unaware of the silent thread in her voice, was sleeping next to me. I had just sat up to use the bathroom when Mum came in.

The look of disappointment on her face coupled with the silent anger in her shaking voice was the worst thing I had ever experienced. I had never seen her like this.

“I, erm-”

“What were you doing with this young man?”


“Actually, don’t tell me. I already know.” Mum sounded so hurt, and I felt like complete rubbish. Why was she even home? She hadn’t been supposed to be home!

11-07-14_12-35 PM-2

“You have five minutes to get this boy out of our house. I’ll talk to you in the living room afterwards.”

“But Mum, I-” My own voice was shaking. How had I thought that this was going to be a good idea? But she hadn’t been supposed to be at home! If I had known that she was-

Oh, Maker. I had messed up royally.

“Five. Minutes.” Mum left the room, and I took a few deep breaths in to collect myself before waking that twat Reid, who was somehow sleeping through all of this.

“Reid, wake up.” He gave a non-understandable grunt but rolled over, not yet realising what I was about to say to him, or what had just happened while he had been sleeping away in my Mum’s bed.

“Wasup, babe?” He yawned, and stretched.

“Sit next to me.”

11-07-14_12-37 PM

“What’s happening?”

“You have to leave. And we’re over.” I would have broken up with him sooner or later anyway. As I’d said, I wasn’t with him for his intellect. He was good at woohoo, no denying that, but he was one guy. One guy! Out of how many?

“Whoa, babe, what do you mean?” See? Definitely not interested in his intelligence!

“I mean we’re through. We’re not dating any more.”

“You- You’re breaking up with me?”

11-07-14_12-37 PM-2

“Yup! What’s the big deal? You knew we weren’t going to be serious!” His reaction really surprised me. I hadn’t expected him to care, or break down like he did, but I figured he was grieving more for his reputation than he was grieving for us.

“B-but Babe! Why?”

I sighed, getting up and opening the door in case he had forgotten which way we had come in.

11-07-14_12-37 PM-3

“My mother just walked in on us right afterwards, in her bed, and you don’t think that’s a good reason?”

“Whoa, your mum was in here? While we were doing it?” How could anyone talk reason to him, right?

“No, not while- Afterwards, okay? When you were busy sleeping.”

11-07-14_12-38 PM

I took a deep breath in, trying to sound at least a little hurt by this when really, I was glad that Mum had given me such a perfect reason for breaking up with him. And besides, it was like I said earlier – you should try everything at least once. Like dating. Or breaking up with someone.

“You have to leave. Please.” Reid just nodded and left.

When I took my next breath in, there was no pretending about it. I really was nervous about what was to come next.

This chat with Mum was not going to be fun!



11-07-14_12-01 PM-2

Very reluctant, I sat down next to Mum on the sofa. Everything in her voice had sounded like this was going to be a serious talk when she had called upstairs to me a minute ago. I did not want to have ‘the talk’ with my Mum! Woohoo 101 was not something I wanted to discuss with her!

11-07-14_12-02 PM

“Sweetheart, there’s something I need to talk to you about. I feel you are old enough now for me to tell you the truth.”

Praying that this wasn’t what it sounded like, I tried to change the subject. “You mean you’re finally ready to admit that you and Milan have a thing?” I had never seen her so puzzled.

“Me and Milan… What?” An amused smile spread on her face, like it was such a ridiculous idea for me to have! I mean, come on! A blind man could have seen that there was something going on! “Oh no, darling, there’s nothing like that between me and your Godfather! No, I need to talk to you about something else.”

11-07-14_12-03 PM

I decided to bite the bullet and just get it over with. “Honestly Mum, I already know all about woohoo. You don’t need to do this.” I wasn’t sure who looked more uncomfortable. Me or her.

“Oh? You know all about it, do you?” Me. It was definitely me. “That’s a talk for another day, Lilli. Today I need to tell you something else.” Could I have blushed any harder?

“And what’s that?”

“It’s about our family, and our role in this world.”

“Our what?”

11-07-14_12-02 PM-2

“Have you got plans for after school?” Now I was the one to be caught off guard. What did that have to do with anything?

“You mean, once I’m done with my homework or once I’ve graduated?”

“The latter.” Mum had this smile on her face which I knew all too well from the times she had helped me with my homework, when I had been a kid. It was the kind of smile that told me that she was willing to be patient, and understanding. Seeing that smile now had me curious, suddenly.

“I don’t know! I mean I want to be a professional athlete, maybe, but I haven’t really put any thought into it…” I still had a few years left to go before I was done with school. Was it really necessary to have this talk now? We had so much money saved up, did I need a job at all? I mean, there was one thing besides staying fit that I loved doing and that I thought I was pretty good at, but Mum would disown me if I as much as dreamed of that being a career!

“It’s good to hear you’ve got an idea for the future. I don’t mean to pry, I’m just curious to hear your goals.”

“Is that all you wanted to talk about?” Reid and I had recently started dating and were going to go out again today. The sooner I could get out of this talk the sooner I could meet him at the park and maybe bring him back home with me afterwards – Maker knew I was ready to take the next step, and I was pretty sure he was, too! Mum was going out for dinner tonight with Alisha, to catch up. The house would be empty. Life doesn’t throw many chances as perfect as that at you!

“It isn’t. As I said it’s about the role our family has to play in this world.”

11-07-14_12-04 PM

“I don’t understand. What role?”

“It’s a long story, so I will try to summarise this as much as possible. When I was a teenager, I died of dehydration as did my sister. Milan is the one responsible for bringing me back. He struck a deal with a spirit because his research has shown him that our family plays a vital role in the wonderful future of our world. He explains it better than I can, but his work keeps him busy lately…”

So my Mum was crazy. At least I had a Mum, right?

“Aaaand why are you telling me this?”

11-07-14_12-03 PM-3

“I don’t expect you to believe me right away. The time will come when you believe it without me drilling it into you, I’m sure. The reason I’m telling you all this is because our family wasn’t supposed to exist. I was supposed to have died, and you should never have been born.”

“So?” I usually caught on faster than this, but this was all a little much.

“So I’m afraid you can’t have any long lasting relationships with any men. Or women. You know I love you no matter what, right?”

“You sure this isn’t the woohoo talk after all?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable. So I had thought about going out with girls! Who hadn’t? Yes, I had only kissed boys so far, but YES, there were some hot girl at my school! This was still nothing I wanted to talk to my Mum about!

“Yes, sweetheart, I am sure. I just need you to understand that falling in love and marrying someone is out of the question for our family. We weren’t meant to be in this world, therefore we mustn’t disturb the nature of things. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, I think so.”

11-07-14_12-05 PM-2

“Good, then I will leave you to it. I’m sure you have better things to do on a Saturday than chat with your Mum. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask me or Milan. He probably explains this better than I can.” I sighed a heavy breath of relief. This hadn’t been anywhere near as bad as I had expected! “Oh, and Lilliana?”


“Don’t think that the woohoo talk isn’t happening just because we didn’t have it today.” And just like that, Mum left the room and closed the door behind her.

As gross as that prospect was, I had more interesting things to focus on. So I wasn’t allowed to fall in love. Who cared?

11-07-14_12-05 PM-3

This gave me permission to ‘date’ whoever I wanted, as long as I didn’t get knocked up! I was free to enjoy life and everyone it had to offer – as long as I didn’t enter any long-term relationships.

Poor me, right?


10-27-14_11-34 AM

Come on, Lilliana! Just one more minute!

Breathing heavily, I pushed myself to run for just another sixty seconds. And then another five minutes, since I had managed the extra one minute.

10-27-14_11-34 AM-4

Staying in shape was hard, but it was so worth it! I was in very good shape, and the only girl in my class who was able to finish the long laps around the school our PE teacher kept tasking us with. And besides, I needed to be fit! Guys liked fit girls, right? Mum didn’t like that my homework and grades were falling behind, but as long as I stayed over a C she was happy enough. And besides, she didn’t understand how hard it was to be popular! Guys only wanted one kind of girl – all the handsome ones did, anyway – and I was training my butt off to make sure that I was that girl.

10-27-14_11-33 AM-2

I lived with my Mum, who together with her friend had taken some potion which meant that they’d live forever or something like that. She hadn’t told me why yet, or how they’d even gotten their hands on something like that, but I knew that she would tell me sooner or later. We had a lot of money saved up, so it was possible that she had bought something like this… If it was possible to just buy something like this. It wasn’t exactly a new pack of pasta. I also hoped that she’d finally confess that there was more between her and her friend – my godfather – Milan. I mean, it just wasn’t possible that he was here this much and there was nothing going on between them, right?

11-02-14_6-47 PM

*sigh* Yeah, I went out every now and again for a drink. Don’t pretend that you never did that! No, Mum didn’t know about it. Don’t worry, I never actually got drunk. I wasn’t so stupid to get drunk and then try to sneak back into the house – Mum would spot me, and then I’d be grounded for the rest of my life! Now that she was apparently living forever she’d be able to re-enforce a punishment like that, too, so I wasn’t taking any chances! And besides…

11-02-14_7-09 PM

It wasn’t like I went to those places to drink. They were great for meeting new people and for dating said people. But again, don’t worry. I wasn’t one of those girls who dated everyone and who had slept with half of the guys at her school. I did have some tastes, after all. I was actually pretty picky! For a while I was “dating” (I say “dating” because we were never actually an official couple – Reid was the captain of our football team and had way too many girls wanting him for him to settle on just one. Remember what I said about these people who had slept with half the school and all that? That was Reid.) Reid, which was pretty nice. He was very handsome to look at, was athletic like me, and despite his ways still managed to make me feel special somehow. Probably because he only slept with the beautiful girls at our school. He was nowhere near as picky as I was but I supposed he did have some standards.

11-02-14_7-12 PM

And kissing him was amazing. He had enough experience for him to know exactly where to touch a girl to make her come back for more. He knew all my sweet spots, and when to caress them. And because we both knew that neither of us wanted a serious relationship there was no drama involved. No jealousy whatsoever! It was every girl’s dream, wouldn’t you say?

See? There were some people at our school – well, quite a lot of people actually – who said that I was a slut, but they were wrong. I never mislead any of the guys I was with. All of them knew that I didn’t want a steady relationship or anything serious. There were far too many guys out there, and I was far too young for me to settle on just one of them! Why settle when you could have fun, right?

11-02-14_7-26 PM

And then there was Blaine. Yeah, I know, he looked like a goody-two-shoes but he really wasn’t. He was an evil genius, and only dressed like this to keep his Mum out of his affairs. Literally. While he didn’t have anywhere near as many girls as Reid did he still knew his way around a woman’s body, and yes, I’ll admit – I felt kinda special that I was the only girl he was seeing at the time. Not that special, though. I wasn’t exactly falling in love.

11-02-14_7-32 PM

His Mum was rich, so he could afford to take me out to the more expensive places around town. I knew that he enjoyed showing off his wealth, and I enjoyed being spoiled every once in a while, so we both won, really!

Fun as it was, I knew that Mum wanted me to settle down sooner or later. She didn’t approve of me going out with two guys at the same time, but she never said anything about it. Either way, me settling down was not happening. I mean, with all those handsome, talented guys out there…

11-02-14_7-14 PM

How’s a girl to chose just one?


Some extras:

Her decorated room in all its glory:

10-27-14_11-28 AM

10-27-14_11-29 AM-2

10-27-14_11-29 AM

Morrigan also uses Lilliana’s treadmill when Lilli isn’t at home ^^ She figured that now that she’ll live for a very long time it’d be a good idea to stay in shape! (and it gives her something to do besides playing games. not that there’s anything from with playing games all day.)



So Lilliana has already completed the first stage of her aspiration. I think I’ll add a page to keep track of what needs to be done for each stage of each aspiration for future reference, for myself and others 🙂

At the moment I have no idea what Lilliana’s profession should be. I was wanting her to be a professional athlete, but since that option isn’t in the base game I’m not sure what to have her do. I’m tempted to not give her a job at all (along the lines of ‘too many men too little time’) but am not sure if I’m happy with that. Kinda feels like cheating because I’m making it too easy, you know? oO What do you guys think?