Morrigan’s History


Morrigan’s mother (think, Mischief, think! … .. …. hmmmmmm, yeah, no, I can’t remember her name -.-) moved to Isla Paradiso at a young age, only weeks after her eighteenth birthday. She had agreed to take part in what was called an Adam&Eve challenge and had been given a choice of places to move to – however, the beautiful, clear sea of Isla Paradiso was perfect for her dreams of becoming a scuba diver and exploring the depths of the ocean, so her choice was easily made.

A few months into her new life she had gotten used to living on a houseboat in the middle of the sea, and very much enjoyed her new peaceful life. One day, while she was diving, she met a mermaid called Salty, and they fell in love and eventually got married.

Not long after that ย their first child was born – a girl they named Leliana, who was a mermaid just like her father.

Space on the small houseboat was tight, but they both believed that they could fit another child onto their home – as long as both children could share their room it would be fine! So nine months later, Leliana’s sister Morrigan was born.


Space now was definitely too tight for them to add a third child, ย so Leliana and Morrigan happily shared the small space they had. They were both creative, and became friends with those dolls some distant relative had sent them when they were very young. Neither parent know just who this person was or how they had found them in the middle of the ocean, but the girls seemed happy, so they figured ‘whatever, they’re just dolls, how mucy harm can they do?’ Eventually, as they grew older, Leliana got bored with her doll, but Morrigan was convinced that one day, she’d be able to turn her friend real if only she could find the right ingredients! (and maybe also a hint as to what those ingredients were)


Living in the Isla Paradiso of an Adam&Eve Challenge, her parents had high hopes for Morrigan and were planning for her to become the heir and ultimately inherit their existing businesses.

Until one day, fate decided to make it more difficult for the couple to continue this challenge.

As mermaids, Salty, Morrigan and Leliana had to be in regular contact with water – preferably salt water – to survive. One morning, just as they were getting ready for school, the only shower on the houseboat broke, and with only poor mechanical skills it took their Mum a while to repair it. Since the girls had to leave for school there was no time to quickly go for a swim in the surrounding water, but they assured their mother they’d be fine and went to school as usually.

That day was a particularly hot day in Isla Paradiso, and regardless of their best efforts to stay hydrated the two girls couldn’t quite hold on for long enough. (I honestly thought they’d just pass out for a few hours) Only two hours before school would have finished, they ran outside, trying to make it to the water which was, like, RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FUDGING SCHOOL, but unfortunately neither made it in time. (well, Morrigan ran into the right direction. Why Leliana had to take a casual stroll behind the school to die there is beyond me)

Faced with the tragic loss of their two daughters, the not-so-young couple had to make a tough choice. They knew that no one would ever be able to replace their babies, but if they did nothing the challenge would be over before it had made it to the second generation, and I wasn’t having it, so they (almost) immediately (I did give them a day or so to grieve) got to work on another baby. (trust you me, I was so done with raising babies by that point)


Anders (She ate eight watermelons!! -.- He was meant to be an Isabella, or a Merrill but NO, eight watermelons isn’t enough anymore! -.-) is a mermaid as well and I’m paranoid he’ll die any moment now, so he showers a lot and I keep an constant eye on his hydration levels -.- Just like his sister Morrigan he’s becoming very good friends with his doll Hawk, but that’s just not relevant to Morrigan’s story any more ๐Ÿ˜›


In a parallel universe, Morrigan didn’t die of dehydration and moved town instead once she was old enough. The inheritance fell to her older sister Leliana, and she made a new life for herself as a bestselling author in Oasis Springs. Or, you know, at least that’s what I’m hoping will happen. Also Anders was never born since the girls didn’t die and therefore didn’t need to be replaced.

(To everyone new to this: Yeah, I know, the colours are all wrong. It’s really hard to recreate someone when you can’t chose the hair colour you want, when this is the lightest skin colour available, andย this is lightest shade of blue available. I tried, y’know?)

So this is Morrigan’s background :3

She’s all ready to settle in her new home and explore her new surroundings in a few weeks time! ๐Ÿ˜€


7 thoughts on “Morrigan’s History

  1. Great background story. Can’t wait to see her first days in her new surroundings.

    Good luck with Sims 4, and I will be looking to see what kind of game play you can came up with.


    • Thank you! I was planning anything like this, the game just decided to make things difficult ๐Ÿ˜› Usually when a sim I adore dies I just quit without saving but I thought I go along with it for a change.


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