Note: This list will be in alphabetical order and include the name and generation of the heir who has completed/is attempting each aspiration. It will grow as I go through the game and will slowly add more information.


Bestselling Author

(completed by Morrigan, Gen1)

Stage 1: Write 2 books

             Beat Writer’s Block

Stage 2: Write for 3 straight hours while inspired

             Have written for 15 total hours

             Write 5 good books

Stage 3: Achieve lvl 7 Writing Skill

             Publish 10 books

             Write 5 excellent books

Stage 4: Achieve lvl 10 Writing Skill

             Complete 3 bestsellers

             Have earned S25,000 in royalties publishing books.

Serial Romantic

(being attempted by Lilliana, Gen2)

Stage 1: Initiate 10 successful kisses

             Go on 2 dates

Stage 2: Achieve lvl 5 Charisma Skill

             Earn Bronze on 3 dates

             Break up with 2 Sims


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