09-11-14_6-47 PM

Try as I might, I couldn’t forget Milan’s words. Everything he had said to me hit me hard, and no matter what I did I couldn’t forget any of it. I wanted to be angry with him – and at first I had been, I had been furious – but once I had been alone again I had just felt empty and hurt.

09-11-14_6-48 PM

Could what he had said really be true? Was I really meant to be… dead?

If I was, was it right for me to be in this world? Or was my presence somehow, somewhere making something else worse?

I couldn’t focus on work, and even sleep was difficult during the fist few nights afterwards. I wanted to forget about it, I really did, but how did you just forget something like that?

09-28-14_6-44 PM

I tried to take my mind of things with all manners of distractions, but nothing worked. Once I had had a few good nights of sleep behind me, another worrying thought had crept up into my head and manifested.

The idea that I had been struggling with… That one spark of inspiration that I hadn’t been able to ignite before…

09-28-14_6-45 PM

It was there, now. Once I had gotten over the initial shock of what Milan had told me, once I had spent some time thinking things through, images had entered my mind. Memories.

My memories.

Just, they weren’t my memories, because I was here now, I was alive, and I definitely wasn’t a mermaid like my sister and my father were!

And yet, there they were, clear as any other memory I’ve ever had.

So how could this be, if what Milan had said had been a lie? The more days passed the calmer I felt, and it was easier again to think rationally. Why would he have made up a lie is horrible as this? Milan was one of the first people I had met after I had moved here, I knew him. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would lie about something like this as a prank. Or play any prank! In fact, Milan was the most serious, most focused person I knew! He had no reason to make up something like this.

09-28-14_6-45 PM-2

A terrible, sinking feeling set in my stomach as the realisation slowly festered inside me.

Milan was right. I was supposed to be dead. The day my sister had died an hour before school would have finished – not two hours before she would have been able to jump into the sea – I had died, too. Our only shower had been broken that morning, and we had felt fine so Mum had sent us to school as usual. It hadn’t occurred to us until it had been too late that we hadn’t been fine. We had both died of dehydration that day. Not just my sister, but both of us. I had died.

The vivid memory of it sent terrible shivers through me. Partly because it was a horrible thing to relive, partly because I now knew that Milan had been right.

09-28-14_6-46 PM

But why me? A hundred and five questions were swirling around in my head. Why did he revive me and not my sister? Was I some kind of zombie? If me entering a relationship with someone could affect the universe in unspeakable ways, than shouldn’t my mere presence be doing the same thing? There was a sim alive today who shouldn’t have been, and that sim was me. I couldn’t possibly matter that much that the universe would overlook my existence. In fact, if I really did matter that much, shouldn’t the universe be all the more concerned?

My head was hurting. I had been terribly unfair to Milan.

09-28-14_6-44 PM-3

There was only one right thing for me to do. I had to call my friend, and talk this through, rationally. He seemed to know a lot about this, and I needed answers.

Since he was the one who had made all those decisions on my behalf, he owed me no less.



09-11-14_6-17 PM


Morrigan felt exceptionally good once she had gotten up. She was a little disappointed that Malcolm had left, but she couldn’t blame him. They had jumped at the chance, after all. Literally! She’d call him later, once she had worked – or tried to work – on her newest novel, and maybe then they could clear a few things up. She didn’t really want a relationship, but maybe she could try dating Malcolm for a little while. He was a nice guy…

She had just sat down at her desk only to stare at the unfinished document, when someone knocked on her door. Grateful for the distraction, Morrigan rushed to the door, hoping it wasn’t just an annoying door-to-door salesman.

“Milan?” Her friend did come over to visit her quite a lot, and usually always in the worst possible moments. Right now, in this moment, he couldn’t have been more welcome.

Anything to dodge writer’s blog, Morrigan thought to herself, sighing quietly.

“I need to talk to you. Can I come in?” She thought that he seemed nervous, and held the door wide open.

“Sure, come on in!”

09-11-14_6-22 PM


“So, what’s wrong?”

“Before I begin, I want you to know that I’m sorry. For what I’ve done to you and your family. I fully understand if you don’t want to see me any more.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I… It’s complicated. If you could please just let me talk until I’m done, I’d appreciate it. Though I understand I have no right to ask you for any favours.”

“Milan, you’re worrying me. What on earth are you on about?”

Her friend took a very deep breath in, and began.

“Did I ever tell you what I do for a living? Actually, don’t worry about that. This will be confusing enough as it is. It is part of my job to study and understand the other realms of this world. Most people think that they are all different worlds, but they are not, they are all part of this world, it’s just that-”


“I’m sorry. As I said, it is part of my job to understand those realms. They are dangerous for many different reasons, and one day I came across one of those reasons. Suffice it to say – although I am sure it won’t suffice – that I did something terrible. I’m sorry, Morrigan. You are supposed to be dead.”

“I what?”

“You died. You were born a mermaid, like your sister, but you both di- I’m getting off track again. The point is, you were supposed to be dead, but I saw what this did to our future, to everyone‘s future, and I had to do something, Morrigan, please understand! I made a deal. With a spirit. And that spirit brought you back, so that you could live your live and effectively safe everything. Safe everyone.”

09-11-14_6-22 PM-2

“And you expect me to believe that?”

“Yes.” Morrigan gulped. ‘Yes’, he said! Without even hesitating! “You already believe it, I know you do. All the times you told me about this idea you have somewhere in the back of your mind, like there’s something that you forgot that you weren’t supposed to forget. This is that something, Morrigan.”

“And why are you telling me this now?” Morrigan stared at her obviously insane friend incredulously. Yes, sure, there was something tickling the very far reaches of her mind, but it wasn’t that! It couldn’t be!

09-11-14_6-22 PM-3

“Because early this morning, when I left the house to do some research, I saw a man leaving your house, and I realised I had to warn you. You can’t be with that man, Morrigan. It doesn’t matter who he is, it only matters that you’re not meant to be here, and he was never supposed to meet you. If you enter a relationship with him, if you marry him, it could have catastrophic consequences for-”

09-11-14_6-23 PM-2


09-11-14_6-24 PM

“Wait. First you’re telling me that I died and some spirit brought me back to life, and expect me to believe it, and now you’re lecturing me on my love life?”

“I’m sorry, but you need to be aware of-”

“Like hell I do!”

09-11-14_6-24 PM-3

“Please, just listen! You promised you’d let me finish.” Feeling no less angry, Morrigan continued to glare at him when she nodded. “A deal like the one I made comes at a price. I had to agree to something on your behalf, and you need to know what it is before you make a mistake without realising that you’re making it.”

“Fine!” Her words spat out like venom.

“Since you’re not supposed to be alive, neither are your offspring. It’s vital to the future of humanity that you have a child, but you’re not allowed to have any more, and neither is your child, and the child of your child’s child. One baby, Morrigan. That was all the spirit could do. Any more and it could have disastrous consequences to everything we’ve been trying to salvage.”

09-11-14_6-25 PM-2

“Get out.”

“Morrigan, I’m sorry, but you have to believe me. Deep down you know I’m right, you just need-”

“What I need right now is for you to get the hell out of my house!”

09-11-14_6-25 PM

“I know. I understand. Please think about what I said.” And just like that, her old friend turned around and left her alone, shaking and angry.

With tears blurring her vision, Morrigan reached for her phone.

09-11-14_6-26 PM

“Malcolm? Can you come over? … Please?”

The whole time she was waiting Morrigan didn’t move an inch. Everything that Milan had said, she- How dare he? How dare he say something like this? About herself, and about- about her children? Who the hell was he to tell her how many kids she could have?

Malcolm didn’t need long to get there, but to Morrigan it seemed to take forever.

09-11-14_6-27 PM-2

“Thank you so much for coming over. You don’t know how much I needed to see a friendly face.”



Writing was getting difficult. Morrigan felt that there was something she had forgotten that she shouldn’t have and that she needed to turn it into her next book, but since she couldn’t remember what it was, well… Motivation was hard to come by.

09-11-14_5-48 PM

On top of that, the guys she had met in the park were still on her mind, but one of them in particular had manifested himself in her thoughts. She knew she didn’t really have time for a relationship at this point in her career, but on the other hand it had been a very long time.

Since she couldn’t focus on her work, she decided to call Alisha over for a chat.

09-11-14_5-56 PM-2

“I’m not sure what to do. I don’t even really know him! We only met that one time in the park, but I just can’t stop thinking about him!”

“Have you got his number?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then what’s the problem? You’re allowed to take a break from working, Morrigan! You’re taking one right now, right? And if he’s only going to make writing more difficult anyway, then you might as well call him over.” Morrigan knew that her friend had a point, but was it really as simple as that? Just call the nice, handsome stranger over and see how it goes?

“I guess you’re right. One day off can’t hurt! Or one afternoon.”

Alisha flashed her friend a mischievous smile. “So what’s his name?”

Morrigan drew a blank. “Maker, I don’t even remember! We only met so briefly I’m not sure we ever introduced ourselves.” (No kidding, I honestly don’t remember)

“How did you save his number, then?”

Morrigan blushed. “I didn’t, he wrote it down for me.”

“And he didn’t put a name to it?” Morrigan shook her head. As if this phone call wasn’t going to be embarrassing enough already!

When she called him the next day, she simply introduced herself as ‘that woman from the park?’ but he seemed to understand. He almost seemed happy to hear from her, she thought, but that was probably more her imagination than anything.

09-11-14_6-05 PM

“Hey, uhm- You! It’s so nice to see you again!”

“And you! I’m really glad you called.”

“Really? Erm, do you want to come inside?” Morrigan led her guest into her house, her heart racing. It really had been a long time since she had last had a man over. Or, she thought, last time it would have been a boy since they would both have been teenagers. Her parents would have been at home, and it hadn’t been anything like this!

09-11-14_6-09 PM

“It’s a really nice house you got! It suits its owner.”

“Does that ever work with women?”

He laughed. “No, but it can’t hurt to try it.” Morrigan showed him her house and felt herself relax around him. He was actually a very nice guy, and not pushy at all.

Their tour concluded in her study. Technically she hadn’t shown him every room yet, but she didn’t want to seem to assuming by showing him her bedroom on his first visit.

09-11-14_6-10 PM

“Hey, pretty lady! Why don’t you come on over and sit on my lap?”

“Your home office is very comfy, Morrigan! You did all this by yourself?” Malcolm asked as he sat down in her arm chair.

“Some of it I’ve received from work as promotion gifts. The painting behind you is one of those presents, and the chair is the last one I’ve been given.”

“Morrigan, there’s, erm..” Malcolm got up, pacing nervously for a moment before coming closer to her. Very close, as Morrigan noticed. “I’m really glad you called. Since we met at the park, I… I’ve thought about you. A lot. You’re not an easy woman to forget about.” Feeling herself flush from his words, Morrigan was lost for words. She knew this was different to before, when he had been obviously playfully flirty. He was much more sincere this time, and Morrigan felt her body react.

“I don’t know what to say, Malcolm. I-” He was the only one she had called back. The only one who had been on her mind at all since she had taken a day out at the park.

The only one who had made it difficult for her to concentrate on her work.

“Maybe if we don’t say anything at all?”

09-11-14_6-12 PM

At first Morrigan wasn’t sure how to react. She wasn’t usually this spontaneous, but now that he had kissed her she didn’t think that she’d be able to just send him back home, either. Maybe this was exactly what she needed?

09-11-14_6-13 PM-2

They continued the tour of the house, finishing off in the bedroom. When Morrigan woke up the next morning, he had already left, but then she hadn’t expected him to stay. It had been very sudden.

Maybe he’ll come back again if I call him? Morrigan wondered, reluctant to get ready for her day.


Note: His name is Malcolm Saldana, he runs around in Oasis Springs 🙂

Overview of Morrigan’s house

A few chapters back I was asked to upload some pictures of Morrigan’s house, so, a couple of much needed renovations later, here’s the house as it is at the moment 🙂


09-09-14_12-09 PM-4

09-09-14_12-10 PM




09-09-14_12-10 PM-2

09-09-14_12-10 PM-3

(this does have a rug now as you can see in the last picture)

Dining Room:

09-09-14_12-10 PM-4

09-09-14_12-10 PM-5

Master Bathroom:

09-11-14_5-30 PM

09-11-14_5-30 PM-2

(Morrigan keeps breaking stuff so ignore the sink)

Master Bedroom:

09-09-14_12-09 PM-3

09-09-14_12-09 PM

Living Room:

09-11-14_5-44 PM

09-11-14_5-45 PM

(As you can see, she isn’t too impressed with her living room at the moment)


09-11-14_5-42 PM-2

09-11-14_5-42 PM

And an overall overview:

09-11-14_6-55 PM

Naturally I forgot to take pictures of the outside again -.-

I’ll add a second floor once the baby comes along, the small bathroom downstairs isn’t furnished yet and still in the dark, and the living room could use some more furniture, but overall it’s nice and cosy now 🙂



Note: Just to avoid confusion: Things written in ‘italics’ are people’s thoughts. The spirit talking to Milan will always be shown “like this” (since it’s kind of like speech) so don’t get confused between ‘this’ and “this” 🙂 


His heart racing hard in his chest and his stomach feeling terribly uncomfortable, Milan knocked on Morrigan’s door, dreading the talk that was to follow.

09-09-14_11-33 AM-2

He knew she would be mad – and rightly so – but he had to tell her the truth. It was the only right thing to do given what he had started on her behalf. Quietly in the back of his mind the spirit chuckled to itself, observing intently as it always did.

“Milan? How nice of you to drop by!” Morrigan’s bright smile greeted him as she opened the door. She stepped away sightly, allowing him to come inside. “Wanna come in?”

09-09-14_11-34 AM

“If you have time. T-there’s something I n-need to tell you.” Milan was used to giving speeches on the advances of magical research and experimentation to thousands of people, in huge halls, and not once had he felt lost for words or stuttered. ‘I guess there’s a first for everything’ he thought as he watched Morrigan smile.

“Is everything all right?” Maker, was everything all right? He was about to say that it wasn’t for him to decide, when she interrupted his thoughts. “Come on in. We’ll talk inside.”

“You decorated?” The entrance room was so different to how he remembered. The flooring was the same and the wallpaper hadn’t been touched, but now there was a soft rug lying underneath his feet, a picture was up on the wall and lights made it much easier to see. She must be doing well if she could afford to buy these things. I wonder if she’s done other rooms as well? 

“Have you come to compliment her on her interior design skills?” the spirit whispered, violently forcing Milan to focus on the reason he was here.

09-09-14_11-45 AM-2

“Yeah, I did. Do you like it? I was tired of it being the only room which was still empty. I’ve done the bathroom and my bedroom as well if you’d like to see?”

“Maybe later.” ‘Focus, Milan, focus!’

“There was something you needed to tell me?”

His nerves were such a torture that he felt cold sweat breaking out on his forehead and soak through his shirt. “I-” How was he going to tell her that he had done the unspeakable? To her? Would she even believe that he had done so for the better of humanity? That her family played a vital role in th-

Of course she wouldn’t believe it. Who would?

“Are you okay? You don’t look so good!” Maker, what if he told her and she didn’t believe a word? Wouldn’t that be better overall?

But what if she did? What if everything was going to go wrong because he told her?

“I-” ‘Deep breath, Milan! You can do it!’ “I won’t be able to come over for a few days. As you said, I don’t look too good and I’ve actually contracted a rather strong case of the fever! So, erm-” ‘Coward! Damn it, Milan, you’re such a coward!’

09-09-14_11-45 AM

“I should go. I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t gotten you sick.” Before Morrigan had a chance to reply he had rushed past her and had fled out the door.

“How odd! I wonder what kind of fever it is? I hope it’s nothing serious!” Incredulously Morrigan stared at her door in astonishment. Milan really was a strange guy!


The week went by and Morrigan heard nothing from Milan. She sent him messages, tried to call him and even went over to visit him, but she never reached anyone. His house seemed empty, but she figured he’d be in bed since he wasn’t well. Alisha was busy with work, and Morrigan had a couple of days off, so she decided to take a walk to the park.

‘I have earned a proper day off, haven’t I?’ 

09-09-14_11-47 AM

The fresh air felt amazing to her worn-out mind. By the time she arrived at the park she was close to skipping, and in a very good mood.

Since she didn’t spot anyone she knew she decided to join a few guys at the chess tables.

09-09-14_11-50 AM

The blonde guy – what was his name? – seemed to be in a mood far worse than hers and kept throwing insults at her.

“Listen, lady, don’t have kids, all right? No matter what you do! Those little spoiled brats ruin your life!”

“I didn’t say anything like-“

“Just- Stay away from men! Don’t have sex, don’t adopt, just- Don’t have kids, you hear me?” Morrigan felt a little taken aback by the strange conversation starter. How was she meant to react to something like that?

“Not everyone hates his family as much as you do, grampa! Don’t listen to hi- Heeyyyy, pretty lady! I haven’t seen you around here before! You new or something?” Morrigan wasn’t sure how to deal with him, either. From overly angry to overly flirty – was there no middle ground?

Morrigan exchanged a few words with the overly flirty man, and realised that he was actually pretty nice. Once you saw past his terrible chat-up lines, anyway. Hoping that maybe, they’d be able to be friends once he had taken a cool shower they exchanged numbers, and Morrigan promised to call soon.

Ready for a more normal chat, Morrigan went over to the other side of the chess area-

and immediately walked into a fight.

09-09-14_11-55 AM

“How dare you! The baby is yours, you birdbrain!”

“You have no way of proving that! The baby could be anyone’s!”



Morrigan was so taken by him that she didn’t even hear what their fight was about. He had beautiful eyes, and he was well dressed! And if he was breaking up with his girlfriend then maybe-

Shocked at where her thoughts were going, Morrigan mentally slapped herself awake. She had no time to be fooling around with some guy! Her career and goals had to come first! For the time being, at least.

Once the woman had marched off in a huff Morrigan cheered up the poor man, who immediately felt better and they exchanged numbers. He said he had to go and left, but Morrigan felt pretty good about herself. The numbers of two guys! Two good-looking-

‘No! You have no time for things like that, Morrigan! Work first, remember?’

“You know, that old guy will probably just misplace your number as soon as he gets home! You should give it to someone who won’t lose it!”

09-09-14_11-58 AM

“Like you?” Morrigan turned around to see where the voice had come from, only to look right into the most beautiful dark eyes she had ever seen.

‘Just what is the matter with you?’

Morrigan had never found men attractive this quickly. Unlike her sister who had slept with more people than Morrigan had known, she had always been more careful.

“Tell you what! I understand you’re suspicious, so how about I give you my number? You can call me if you ever wanna hang out!” She saw no problem with that, and accepted the piece of paper with his number scribbled on it.

As it was getting late Morrigan made her way back home, feeling a strong craving for romance novels. She had a few stored away in her bookshelf but really she wanted to write one herself.

Not yet feeling confident that she could pull it off well, Morrigan got writing on a steamy screenplay instead.

Inspired by all her different encounters at the park, she finished the entire thing quickly….

09-09-14_12-12 PM

…. and sent it off to her usual publisher before going to bed.

Even if it meant that she had no longer had a full day off.


(I wasn’t sure what else to call this, so this’ll have to do. Apologies again for the lack of pictures – I made it short to make up for it 🙂 )


He wasn’t sure what to do. He had never foreseen things turning out like- like this

“It’s your own fault, Milan. You moved here because of her.” 

“SHUT UP!” He held his hands to his head, trying to somehow charm the pain of its icy voice out of his mind. The pain of knowing that the spirit was right.

Ever since he had allowed the spirit to inhabit him as part of the deal, the spirit had given him a constant commentary to everything that was happening – especially where Morrigan was concerned. 

Why did she have to come over? Why did she have to be so nice to him? If only she was a terrible person. Staying away from her would have been so much easier. 

But she wasn’t a terrible person at all. In fact, she was really sweet, and kind. Overworked and stressed, yes, and there was definitely something odd about her, but underneath all that he knew she was a good person.

“Would a good person have ignored the deaths of three people like she did?”


“Neither do you.” The spirit laughed, a soft, uncomfortable tickling sensation somewhere in the back of his mind. Almost like it was going numb. Sometimes he wished it did. He thought it might be the only thing to shut he spirit up permanently.

This hadn’t gone as planned at all. He had moved close to her to observe her, to make sure that everything was going the way it was supposed to, but he had never anticipated that she would knock on his door and ask to be his friend!

“She’ll be furious when she finds out what you’ve done…”

“I KNOW!” Milan felt unimaginably defeated at the realisation. He knew it was better if they went their separate ways, but now that he knew her… He had no reason that was good enough to never see her again. He wanted to be her friend. He just knew that it was a very bad idea. What if something slipped out? What if he told her by accident?

How would she react when she found out that she was supposed to be dead? Or worse yet – about the part of the deal where he had given his consent on her behalf? Maker, how would anyone react to that?

‘Come on now, Milan, how would you tell her accidentally? Don’t be stupid’ he thought to himself, knowing that he’d never tell her something like this. Not unless he meant to. He didn’t drink, but the rare times he did he was a very controlled drunk. He didn’t get drunk easily as it was, and there had only been a handful of times in his life when he had had too much, but even then he had never said anything he had regretted afterwards. There was no way something like this would just slip out.

The only problem was that telling her was the right thing to do. He knew that, somewhere deep down, she knew that there was something she should be remembering. Something important. She had told him a few times that there was this idea inside her, for a book, but she could never remember what it was. It was like a dream, she had told him. The more she tried to figure out what it was, the more it escaped her grasp. In time, she might remember on her own! If such a thing was possible. Then again, resurrection wasn’t supposed to be possible, either, yet here she was. Wasn’t it better if he told her the truth before she found out by herself, by some freak coincidence? Was it possible that something might trigger her memory somehow? Would something like this even still be with her?

Twice he had turned up on her doorstep now, meaning to tell her everything, and twice he had changed his mind in the last second. 

“Damn it! What do I do?” The spirit was laughing loudly in his head, making the pain worse with every passing minute. 

“I should thank you, Milan! This mortal realm of yours is proving to be very entertaining indeed!” 

He had to tell her. It was the only thing to do. And if she never wanted to see him again for what he had done to her, then so be it.

After all, if he had been better, they would never have met in the first place. 


09-05-14_10-00 PM

The next time Morrigan had a day off she called her new friends and invited them on a date out to the nearby lounge. It was a fancy place, but Morrigan had earned this celebration, so fancy was exactly what she wanted.

“You know this place isn’t cheap, right?” Alisha asked, eyeing Morrigan as if to find out who would be paying for their drinks.

“I’ll see you upstairs, maybe I can secure us a table.” Neither of them had been to this lounge before, and weren’t sure how exactly service worked or how busy it usually was on a Friday afternoon.

09-05-14_10-01 PM

The minute he had disappeared inside, Alisha moved in on Morrigan.”So, are you and Milan…”

“What? No.” She hadn’t thought of him at all in that way, and now that Alisha had brought it up… Nope, still nothing. Or maybe it was because they simply hadn;’ known each other for long enough? At the moment at least, Morrigan wasn’t interested in him in that way. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

Unbeknownst to Morrigan, this wasn’t going to be quite the party she had had in mind. The moment they entered the building, an elderly man tripped and toppled over.

09-05-14_10-03 PM

“I- I don’t feel so good..”

09-05-14_10-03 PM-2

“Oh my God! He’s- dead.” Alisha gasped as she stopped dead in her tracks. Within seconds the Grim Reaper appeared – but it wasn’t going to stop Morrigan from having fun!

“Let’s that not spoil our day out, guys! He’s old, old sims die all the time, right? I’m sure he’s had a good life!”

09-05-14_10-04 PM

“Come on, drinks are on me!” She said as she walked past him and up the stairs.

“The poor man, dying here away from his family. I wonder if anyone here knows him and could tell his family?”

Morrigan arrived upstairs just in time for this:

09-05-14_10-05 PM

And this.

09-05-14_10-06 PM-2

However, she needed a day of fun far too much to let three dying sims ruin her day!

“One juice on the rocks, please!

09-05-14_10-07 PM

“Everyone! Drinks are on me! I came here to have a good time! To celebrate! I’m not going to let this ruin our party!”

“Oh god! He’s dead!”

(It stayed at three deaths, but I feel like this has set the tone for future parties now)

Determined to make her day out into something positive, Morrigan bought a round of drinks for everyone and joined her friends on the sofas to get to know a few more people.

09-05-14_10-08 PM

All three deaths were forgotten pretty quickly and everyone was starting to have a good time. Morrigan met a lot of new people who she was hoping to befriend if her demanding job and goals allowed it.

09-05-14_10-09 PM-2

“I’m so glad I came out today! I don’t normally have the time but I really needed a day away from all stress.”

09-05-14_10-14 PM

By the time Morrigan left, her two friends had already gone home and were nowhere to be seen. Buzzed up from all the juice, Morrigan felt pretty good, though, and didn’t mind that she had to make her way home alone.

09-05-14_10-17 PM

Since it was still early she decided to read a bit – and that’s when the reality of what had just happened hit her hard and she felt the rest of the good buzz fade away rapidly.

Three people she had never met before had just died before her eyes. Three lives less in this world, and she had witnessed all three of them.

“Life is pretty short, huh. All I’ve done until now is work. Isn’t there more to life?” The sinking feeling that she had forgotten something important settled in her mind and made her feel uncomfortable. She hadn’t even had time yet to think about other aspects of her life. Didn’t she want a boyfriend? Maybe even a husband one day? What Alisha had asked her came to mind. She wasn’t interested in Milan, but maybe she could find someone else?

What about…

What about kids? Had she not always wanted children?

Suddenly, Morrigan really needed to hear a friendly voice, and called Alisha.

09-05-14_10-17 PM-2

“Alisha? Have you got a moment to talk?”

“You sound upset. Is everything all right?” Even though they hadn’t known each other that long Alisha seemed to know just what to say to make Morrigan feel better, and they said their goodnights feeling energised by Alisha’s pep talk.

It was dark outside when they eventually hung up, so Morrigan went to bed, hoping that the next day would start on a better note than this one had ended.

It didn’t.

09-05-14_10-20 PM

“You have got to be kidding me.”

09-05-14_10-20 PM-2

Morrigan had never been in a situation like this before! What was she supposed to do? She was grateful now that she had spent some money on a fire alarm when she had first moved in, so surely all she had to do now was wait for the fire fighters to show up and save her house!

Just, the fire fighters didn’t come. Morrigan was standing there, her heart beating uncomfortably hard in her chest, for what seemed like hours while the flames engulfed her counters and carpet.

Eventually, she had to accept that no one was coming. She was alone in this dangerous, life threatening situation.

09-05-14_10-23 PM

Faced with that harsh fact, Morrigan bravely put the flames out herself, wondering just what the hell her fire alarm was there for if not for calling the fire brigade.

Sweating from the heat, she went into the bathroom to wash herself clean, only for her toilet to break.

09-05-14_10-25 PM-2

“This isn’t my day, is it.”